Micro Swimsuits and me.

Micro Swimsuits

One thing I have learned about wearing micro swimsuits is that you really have to be careful if you are a larger sized man. I am not talking about a guy that happens to have a few extra pounds around the waist here, either. I mean being a bit larger in the crotch area. If you are not careful and end up getting the wrong size, then you will probably be popping out of that poor swimsuit right in front of everyone on the beach. Obviously, that is not the best thing to have happen in your life. I am speaking from experience on this, so you should probably pay attention to what I have to say. Although there was one guy there that seemed to enjoy what I was throwing out there, if you get my meaning.

I should probably say that was the first time I have ever worn micro swimsuits and I was not really sure about what I was getting into. Not that it excuses what happened that day or anything, but if I had known that the particular design, I wore would not be able to hold me while I was playing volleyball; then I would have tried wearing something else that day. But lesson learned and, with that knowledge, I was able to find another design that fit a lot better than the previous one did, and I have not had any similar since.

Now I am wearing micro swimsuits that fit my body a little better and keep everything exactly where it should be. I have found that the people around me on the beach seem to like it better this way as well. Although, I do still enjoy wearing that first design I bought around the house. I find that it can really spice things up in the bedroom if used at the right moment in time. I do believe I could live the rest of my life happily if I did not have to wear anything else, too. There is something about wearing a micro design that I honestly cannot imagine wearing any other type of clothing if that was something that could actually be an option in my life. I know it cannot be an option though, so I have to settle for wearing my micro swimsuits under my clothes while I am working. Fortunately, that seems to be enough.

Micro Swimsuits for Men

Micro Swimsuits

Oh what fun awaits the man who chooses micro swimsuits! This is especially true for men who want to show off their awesome bodies. There are two groups of men. Those who take care of their bodies and love showing it off is one group. The other group of men are essentially couch potatoes. While they may want to look like the god Adonis, they lack the motivation to actually get off their asses and do something that would benefit them. Now, going back to the first group of men, they have always taken care of their bodies because they wanted to look and feel sexy when at their favorite swimming venue. On the other hand, they might have just wanted to be healthy while looking hot.

The next group of men, the couch potatoes, have a lot of great intentions when it comes to getting their bodies into decent enough shape to wear micro swimsuits. The problem with these guys and their “I will start getting into shape tomorrow,” is that they never do. They just make plans to begin an exercise regimen along with a healthy diet, while not actually doing any of those things. It has not occurred to these guys that just thinking about it is not going to work. Many of these guys do decide to embark on a healthy diet and exercise regimen, though. Those are the men who will get the body they want and can feel very proud of themselves no matter where they happen to be wearing their micros.

Obviously, those guys who put forth the effort to get the body that will look amazing in micro swimsuits are going to get the most positive attention. The couch potatoes should never go to public places wearing micros of any sort. An obese man with severe belly fat should choose clothes that will hide this atrocity. On the other hand, he might want to consider starting a program that will at least get his body in shape  enough to wear swimsuits like micros. Why not give yourself an honest assessment and then decide if you need any help physically to wear whatever swimsuits you want?

Are you getting ready for micro swimsuits season?

Are you getting ready for micro swimsuits season?

I love wearing the world’s smallest men’s micro swimsuits. The more skin it shows the better, the outline of my little penis, great, the more ass the better.  I love seeing girls wearing the smallest swimsuits and the same goes for men. I like all bodies in tiny micro swimsuits but for myself I prefer to be in shape, completely shaved and ready to have a blast by having my body has toned as possible. The micro swimsuits I wear are truly tiny in fact if I were not completely hairless down there I could not wear my favorite suit since it starts right where the base of my shaft is and ends exactly at the end of my balls with everything else fully exposed. There used to be hair there but years ago I had it all laser treated so now there is so little left that I am bald all the time without shaving but before I hit the beach I clean up shaving just to make sure it is perfectly hairless so my tiny swimsuit is the star of the show. Wearing the smallest bikinis, thongs and G-strings is so much fun it is hard to put into words especially for men that have not tried wearing them yet. For most men wearing micro swimsuits just once is enough to get them hooked for life. Don’t try it unless you are ready to have a blast. If you are not sure what I am talking about let me paint you a picture. Think about all the women you see all having the beach wearing next to nothing and having the time of their lives. It is all about being free enough to enjoy going next to nude. In a perfect world all beaches would be nude beaches but since there is a way to go, a long way in some countries wearing micro swimwear designs is so close you might just feel like you are breaking the law. It’s fun on an entirely new level. It’s a pleasure you need to experience for yourself.

Micro thongs, bikinis and shorts for men

Men’s Thongs and Bikinis

Items that have been catching on like wild fire over recent years are men’s thongs and bikinis, Once upon a time, many years ago, swimsuits for men, or women, for that matter; were nothing short of a different set of street clothing. Men were expected to wear a style of swimwear consisting of a type of t-shirt with knee length shorts and attached suspenders. Of course, many people back then were overly modest as well as having different rules than there are today. As bad as that sounds, women had it even worse when they wanted to go swimming. They wore these  costumes that covered their bodies and had to enter the water at the beach in a sort of carriage. It was, to say the least, all rather ridiculous and time consuming.

‘Finally, fashions slowly began to evolve into something that made more sense, especially when it came to swimwear for men. While there were still some issues regarding how much of the body that should be on display, things did begin to slowly get a bit more sensible, finally reaching the era of men’s thongs and bikinis. These swimsuits brought about many positive aspects with regard to the number of men that began to take much better care of their bodies. Obviously, men do not want to show off a flabby, out of shape body instead of a sexy and sculpted one. That means taking care of their bodies becomes a priority, which is as it should be.

Men’s thongs and bikinis, it only makes sense to assess your body in a honest way. Then you can begin working on any problem areas. You will be out on the beach in your sexy swimwear in no time.

Micro Swimsuits and you

Micro Swimsuits

Few things have been more fun than the introduction of micro swimsuits to the general public. Men all around the world were thrilled to finally have a swimsuit that would allow them to show off the great bodies that they have spent so much time and effort to be an Adonis. Those micros can show off stunning bodies without the worry of rules when hitting favorite beaches and resort pools. That includes you and other men who want to take a small walk on the wild side.  Once you have made yourself into a Greek god, everyone around you will definitely take notice, and in a positive way. Do not be surprised if you are approached for your phone number or a date. The more of those you get, the more your confidence will build.

Something that should be addressed is the subject of whether or not you have the right body to wear micro swimsuits or not. If the answer to that is “Probably does not” then it is time to start fixing yourself. That is the only way that a man should wear a micro. If you are grossly out of shape and you are finally ready to take the steps to make your body into a wicked beast, it is now time to make a plan, and stick to it until you are ready to be worshipped as the Sun God you will become. This plan should include a specific physical workout. You should probably start doing this routine every other day at first. As you can see results, it is time to boost your workouts up to at least five days a week.

Your diet also has a lot to do with how successful you will be and how long it will take to have the body to wear micro swimsuits.But do not despair of that ever happening. The more determined you are, the more successful you will be. You can actually be ready to slip into a micro and start gaining the looks that you have always wanted. Wearing a micro will take some work on your physical appearance unless you are someone who has kept a regular fitness regimen. Chances are that you will not need to change anything about yourself because you already have the body you want. It will only be maintenance needed to have that sexy look in a micro.

Men’s Thongs and Bikinis

Men’s Thongs and Bikinis

If cooler weather is arriving where you live, you may believe that you are going to have a long time to wait before you can wear your men’s thongs and bikinis. However, you could not be more wrong with your assumption. Put a big smile on your face because there are still a few ways that you can continue to get joy from wearing these garments. Actually, it might be the perfect time to realize that you can always find great swimming weather no matter where you live. Travelers, whether for business or pleasure, can always discover places that have swimming temperatures. There are even locations that have tropical temperatures all year long. So while you have the option to travel, you will never lack for a time when you can wear these swimming garments.

In between those times when the weather is not warm enough to wear men’s thongs and bikinis, you can still wear these favorite items whenever you want. Lots of men wear these items underneath their clothes in the place of conventional underwear. In fact, you may be working side by side with a man who is concealing his special secret under his work clothes. This includes office suits as well as construction workers. Another way to enjoy your thongs and bikinis in chilly weather is to just crank the heat up in the privacy of their own homes and slip into their favorite swimwear items. There are lots of guys who go this route when traveling is out of the question. They can still enjoy the way these items feel.

If you have a love of continuous wear when it comes to men’s thongs and bikinis, you are not alone. Therefore, lots of men from all around the world are wearing both of these garments whether they are on display or worn in secret. There is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about your desire to feel these items against your bare skin. Many guys even wear their thongs and bikinis 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They say that it relaxes them, and who can argue with that? Of course, you will not ever know until you try it.

Micro Swimsuits Insane styles for men!

Micro Swimsuits

Are you a guy who does not at least try out wearing micro swimsuits in public? If so, you need to reconsider your opinion of smaller swimsuits. Ok, there is the fact that micros are very tiny, but you can look around at your favorite beach or resort pool.  Notice how many guys are getting hit on who are wearing micros. That might be some very useful information for you, especially if you are wondering just how you can begin working your way into a micro. Watch the guys in the tiny swimsuits. That is how you can tell that wearing a micro is well worth your time.

One thing about wearing micro swimsuits that you need to know is that, while they make you look like a Greek god, the swimsuits will not do that without some effort on your part. Think about it. If you are carrying around a significant amount of excess fat, not only will you not be able to see your micro, other people will most likely giggle and point at you. Of course, that is not something you want to have happen to you. It is for this reason that you should throw yourself wholeheartedly into sculpting your body so that it will prepare you to successfully wear your micro.

The first thing to do when you have decided that you want to try out some micro swimsuits is to take a very honest assessment of your body. Strip down and then stand in front of the mirror. Search for any body flaws and start planning on how to deal with them. It may involve some body workouts as well as a new and healthier eating plan. You might just want to consult with a trainer.  Most of the time, those people can work miracles with the human body. Once you have accomplished your goals, it will be time to try out your micro in public.


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Be Daring in Micro Swimsuits

Be Daring in Micro Swimsuits

Summer is just around the corner in many parts of the world and it is time to get excited about purchasing your new micro swimsuits. Men who have been wearing this sort of very daring swimsuit for a while are veterans at shopping for them and choosing exactly what they want. They can shop in local malls, department stores, and online. Most of the time, they have the most luck by shopping on websites that cater to in shape men and those who are willing to do what it takes in order to wear these very revealing swimsuits. It should come as no surprise that men who like wearing micros also are willing to keep their bodies in shape. These are not guys who sit around like couch potatoes, eating Cheetos, while watching television. That means that you cannot do that, either. Not if you want to look hot in a micro.

Obviously, it is quite daring to wear micro swimsuits simply because they do show so much of your body. Think about this: micros are one of the few swimsuits that are made with the intent of showing off a man’s body to the point of getting lustful stares and smiles. These swimsuits accentuate your ass as well as ending just above your family jewels. You can certainly see why your body needs to look good before you slip into a micro. That is why you need to honestly assess your body. Do not make excuses or deny that a glaring flaw is not there. Face it and then make a plan to take care of yourself. Exercise and diet may sound like “four letter words,” but that is what it may take to get your body ready for a micro.

Try to imagine how it will feel the first time that you appear on your favorite beach while wearing your micro swimsuits. Once you have your body looking hot, it is the time to be daring and take that first step out in public while wearing a micro. Nothing compares to the adulation and attention you will get at your favorite swimming venue. Prepare yourself for it and ready yourself to enjoy every smile and wink. There is not another feeling like it. Also, it will make all of that hard work you did worth every sore muscles and every salad you ate in place of a high calorie appetizer.


Photo of me wearing my new Koalaswim neoprene thong!

Micro Swimsuits Require a Little Self-Discipline

Micro Swimsuits Require a Little Self-Discipline

Something that all men who desire to wear micro swimsuits need to do is keep physically fit. While this may sound like a simple thing to the largest percentage of the earth’s population, it is next to impossible for the rest of males residing here. The first step is to recognize that you need to exert some self-discipline when it comes to your body. It should come as no surprise to you that, in order, to successfully wear a micro, you are much more appealing to the eye than if you have a rather large spare tire around your middle. That is why you must be confident of your body if you want to wear a micro.

Granted, you will see all types of bodies on the men who wear , but just because they are wearing them does not mean that you should wear them. Some men really seem to be blind when they slide into swimsuits. It is like no one has ever told them that they should be covering up as much as their bodies as possible because they are so out of shape that no one wants to see you showing off as much bare skin as possible. They actually would rather you wear as many clothes as possible to hide as much of that flab as possible.

Now, while this sounds pretty harsh, it is something that all men who are out of shape to be aware of it they are going to start wearing micro swimsuits. Certainly, it is hoped that these guys take the time to do a brutally honest assessment of their bodies. If you do not feel that your body is something that others will want to see stripped down as much as allowed, you will need to figure out a fitness plan that will give you the perfect body for wearing what ever sort of swimming suit style that you choose. People will be proud to see what you have to offer.

New neoprene swimsuit styles

Are You Ready for Micro Swimsuits?


No matter what the season happens to be where you are at the moment, if you are like most people, you are already planning for your next visit to a warm climate. That means that you probably have considered purchasing micro swimsuits. In order to look awesome in that type of swimwear, there are things that you need to be aware of that you are going to have to do. After all, if you are going to show off three fourths of your body, you are going to need a body that people actually want to see. That, in turn, translates to you needing to commit to an effective exercise regimen and healthy diet so that your body will be something that people will want to see more of once they catch you in a tiny swimsuit.

The first thing you must do before deciding if you are ready to wear micro swimsuits is to perform a serious assessment of your appearance. The best way to do this is to strip completely of all clothes and stand before a full-length mirror. This allows you to get an honest look at how your body would appear in a micro. If you do not like what you see, then it is time to move to the next step. This progression might include you calling in someone that you trust to observe you totally nude and give you an honest opinion of how you look. Then you will know exactly what direction you need to travel in order to develop a body that others want to see.

Most guys decide to go on some sort of body improvement plan when they choose to wear micro swimsuits. This is true of even the men who have decent bodies to start. The way they look at things is that most men could use a tiny bit of improvement, especially when they are going to be showing off their mostly bare bodies at a public swimming venue. If you are heading to a beach or a pool party and you want to wear a micro, you definitely want to do all you can to liven up things when you appear, and in a positive manner.