Are You Ready for Micro Swimsuits?

  Micro swimsuits are still a relatively new phenomenon in various parts of the world, but for those men who have grown used to them; they have become a regular part of their summer wardrobe. For other men, there is nothing that can persuade them to even take the micros for a test run. Most […]

Finding the Best Places to Wear Micro Swimsuits

  Micro swimsuits have become rather popular in recent years all over the world, and what’s not to like? They allow well-built men to show off their assets as well as those guys that simply want to display some hard work that they have undertaken to make their bodies the best they could be. Unfortunately, there […]

Show off in Micro Swimsuits

  If you are looking for something that will really show off your cock, then you might want to think about wearing micro swimsuits. Now, I know you are thinking that you couldn’t possibly wear something like that out in public but, once you get used to the way they fit, you will want to […]