Finding the Best Places to Wear Micro Swimsuits


Micro swimsuits have become rather popular in recent years all over the world, and what’s not to like? They allow well-built men to show off their assets as well as those guys that simply want to display some hard work that they have undertaken to make their bodies the best they could be. Unfortunately, there are some places out there that don’t think guys walking around in a micro swimsuit is the best thing to see. It usually has more to do with modesty codes than anything else, but people are starting to see the benefits of wearing something like this.

If you are new to an area and you want to know where you can wear your micro swimsuits, the best bet is to call the local beach or parks and rec office to see what kind of dress codes they have. Some places will be a bit more lenient than others. Or you could just go hang out at some of these places and see what other guys are wearing. In the end, you might find that this is much easier than trying to explain the style or design of your swimwear.

If you aren’t at all interested in wearing your micro swimsuits out in public where people can see you; keep them at home and enjoy them. You can always throw a pool party or something in your own backyard and invite people that you would love to show your swimsuits off to. In fact, you could end up making it a monthly event and give prizes to the best micro that shows up. Wherever you decide to wear your swimsuit, just make sure that you are having as much fun as you possibly can. If you aren’t having fun while wearing something like this, then there is no point in having it on.


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