Wearing Micro Swimsuits

  I love wearing my micro swimsuits around the house, but I don’t think that I am ready to take them out in public just yet. I have a feeling that the people where I live will not understand what I am wearing and they will force me to wear something else. These people aren’t […]

Scouting Locations for Micro Swimsuits

  I haven’t really seen too many micro swimsuits on men out and about this year. I figured there would be a lot of guys wearing them since they are all over the internet. But apparently the beach that I go to is a little bit behind in the times. I have seen a handful […]

Insure that Micro Swimsuits are Allowed at your Beach

I love wearing micro swimsuits to the beach although there are some people that aren’t too fond of them. I found out that little detail the hard way while I was trying to find a new beach to visit. The people on the first two beaches I tried were absolutely furious that I was wearing […]

All About Micro Swimsuits

  If you haven’t seen the new micro swimsuits, then you are going to the wrong beach. These things are absolutely fantastic and most of the guys that I have seen wearing them beyond hot in them. I have seen a couple guys that I thought were completely naked walking down a public beach, but […]