The Right Fit in Micro Swimsuits

  I love wearing micro swimsuits, but I always end up buying the designs that are a little bit too small for me. Well, not too small for my body, actually; more like too small for the size of cock I have. I’m not saying that my cock is some kind of huge monster that […]

Micro Swimsuits and Large Cocks

  I love wearing micro swimsuits but I can understand why some people would have issues with them. They are pretty small and some guys out there simply have too much to put into them. I’m not talking about those guys that are extremely overweight, either. I am talking about those guys that have cocks […]

Be Careful with Micro Swimsuits

  Even though men’s micro swimsuits are gaining quite the following these days, there are a few reasons that you will want to be quite careful when wearing them. First of all, you must always keep in mind just how small these swimsuits are. Remember, they are not called micros for nothing. There is barely enough […]