My First Nude Colored Micro Swimsuits

  I wore one of my micro swimsuits to the beach last weekend and had a very interesting thing happen to me. I had just purchased this particular micro and it was the first time I ever wore it in public. I specifically went with the nude model because I liked the thought of people […]

Taking the Plunge with Micro Swimsuits

I started wearing micro swimsuits this summer and I am amazed at the attention I have gotten because of them. I used to go to the beach and most people would simply ignore me unless I was in their way or something. But while wearing my micros, I have found that people are generally more […]

My Experience with Wearing Micro Swimsuits

  Wearing micro swimsuits is a different thing for me. I’m used to wearing suits that cover up quite a bit of my body, but these micros don’t seem to do too much of that. The small nature of these designs makes them look absolutely sexy to me but I am always self-conscious about people […]

Getting the Nerve to Wear Micro Swimsuits

  If you haven’t seen any men’s micro swimsuits lately, then you have been missing out on something special. These tiny little creations will show you exactly what kind of man you are if you have the courage to wear them out in public. Every time I see a guy wearing a micro, I know […]

Why I Love Micro Swimsuits

  They don’t call them micro swimsuits for no reason. If you have ever seen a guy wearing one of these, you will completely understand why they have this name. These are, by far, the smallest of covering swimsuits I have ever worn in my entire life and I absolutely love them. I like being […]

Enjoy All Seasons with Micro Swimsuits

  It may be the standard opinion that men’s micro swimsuits can only be worn and enjoyed during the late spring and summer seasons. That is far from the truth, though. The fact is that micros can be worn no matter what time of year it happens to be. That is one of the advantages […]