My Experience with Wearing Micro Swimsuits


Wearing micro swimsuits is a different thing for me. I’m used to wearing suits that cover up quite a bit of my body, but these micros don’t seem to do too much of that. The small nature of these designs makes them look absolutely sexy to me but I am always self-conscious about people staring at me. I’m sure that if I had the body to show off, it wouldn’t be all that bad but I don’t. It’s not that my body is all that bad to look at or anything, but I know it could be better.


I’m sure that there are a lot of people that wouldn’t mind seeing me in men’s micro swimsuits, but they never seem to be on the beach when I am wearing one. Everyone just stares at me like I have lost my mind and I can tell they are whispering about how I should be wearing something with a bit more material in the design. I always end up feeling bad because I forced these people to look at my body like that even though I know that I shouldn’t feel bad about it. They can turn their gaze elsewhere instead of looking at my crotch when I pass by. It is their choice.

I have started working out a bit more so that I can feel comfortable wearing my micro swimsuits in public. I feel it is the right thing to do since I don’t want to see a 400 pound man lumbering toward me in a micro. Although you probably wouldn’t be able to see all that much of the micro so you wouldn’t know if he had one on or not. The point is, if you are going to wear something like this and you want to feel comfortable in public, then you should probably do your part and get your body into shape.

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