Taking the Plunge with Micro Swimsuits

I started wearing micro swimsuits this summer and I am amazed at the attention I have gotten because of them. I used to go to the beach and most people would simply ignore me unless I was in their way or something. But while wearing my micros, I have found that people are generally more apt to come up and talk to me. The first time I wore them out I had a couple of guys walking right toward me. I thought at first that they were going to tell me to change into something else. As it turned out, they loved the micro design I was wearing and they wanted to know where I got it.
I have met more friends over the last few months because of my micro men’s swimsuits than I ever had in school when I was younger. It really is amazing that something this simple has gotten so popular over the years. I remember a couple of years ago when I saw my first micro I thought I was slowly losing my mind or something. It was a swimsuit but it didn’t look like any swimsuit that I had ever seen in the past. Now I am wearing one on the beach and enjoying every moment of it.

I would suggest any guy looking to get some attention on the beach should be checking out the micro swimsuits that are available online. I wouldn’t go to a store and try to find micros there, though. You might find a couple of designs that come close to what you can find online, but I can guarantee that you aren’t going to be able to find anything as sexy as what they have online. These things are absolutely amazing to look at in real life and even better to slip into. Just be prepared to talk to a lot of people when you wear them out to the beach. You are going to be mobbed.

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