Handling the Tininess of Micro Swimsuits


If you think your swimsuit might be a bit small, then you should look at some of the micro swimsuits that are available these days. They don’t call them micros for nothing. These things are so small that you might think that guy walking towards you is completely naked if you didn’t look closer. I can just imagine what it would be like to wear a micro that is nude colored out in public. People would probably think that I was a living Ken doll walking down the beach. Of course once I got close enough, they would see that my cock barely fits in that poor little micro. It could also be embarrassing if an obese man wore one of these because you would not be able to see his micro at all.

I have my own men’s micro swimsuits that I like to wear, but I try really hard to walk that fine line between sexy and acceptable for public viewing. I am pretty sure that wearing a micro that is a bit too skimpy would end up getting me into a little bit of trouble out on the beach. Although there are times when I wouldn’t mind getting into a little bit of trouble now and then. I think it is good for you to try and push the limits of public perception and that is definitely what some of these micros will do.

No models today just me in a micro!


If you haven’t ever worn micro swimsuits in the past, you are going to be surprised at how well they fit. They may not look like they are going to fit you all that well but they really do a good job of keeping things in. You might have to purchase a special design if your cock is a bit bigger than average, though, so keep that in mind. I have to do that but you aren’t spending any more money on those designs. I just know that I always feel like I am about to fall out of the regular ones that I have purchased in the past. So I am perfectly fine with spending a bit more money to make sure that I stay safely tucked.

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