Pushing the Limits with Micro Swimsuits


Who would have thought that wearing something so small, like micro swimsuits, would be such a great feeling in public? I know that a lot of people would probably prefer that I didn’t wear something like this out in public but I don’t care what they think. I am more than happy to wear the smallest swimsuit I can get away with and I push that limit every day. I want to be able to basically wear nothing on the beach and still be allowed to have fun like everyone else, although I do have to pick the right beaches to do this on.


I live in an area that has numerous beaches and there are some that simply won’t allow micro swimsuits to be worn. I don’t like those beaches much because they are being overly hypocritical to say the least. I see women walking around in string bikinis all the time but they are going to have an issue with a man wearing a micro? That just doesn’t seem fair to me at all and I think we should have a million micro march to the beaches that are like that. Maybe we can change their minds if everyone on the beach is wearing a micro.

Thankfully there are beaches out there that will let guys like me push the limits of acceptable micro swimsuits though. I have a couple designs that have been frowned upon in public and some that I have actually been asked to leave because of. I like to push the envelope enough that I can gauge the reaction beforehand and try to wear something that goes beyond the frowning part but stops short of being asked to leave. I find it a rather pleasant game to play when I have nothing better to do over the weekend.

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