Wearing Micro Swimsuits For Attention


Wearing micro swimsuits has always been a fetish with me. I can’t tell you how many times I have braved the forces of nature in order to go out on the beach in the skimpiest micro I can find. I have gotten a lot of slack from people because of that but I don’t care. They don’t understand how exciting it is for me to wear something like this and get attention, even if it isn’t always good. Whenever people stare at me I feel like I have accomplished something that they will never even attempt to do in their lives.

Now I know there are guys out there that aren’t going to wear micro swimsuits just to get a rise out of strangers on the beach, but it is really fun. I love it when people come up and complain about what I am wearing and then threaten to tell someone and have me removed from the beach. The funny thing is that the beach I go to allows me to wear any of the micros that I have bought. I know this because I have checked to make sure that I am not going to get into any trouble for having them out in public.

The people that get upset the most about my micro swimsuits usually end up leaving after they are told that I am doing nothing wrong. I think it makes the beach a better place for everyone involved when close minded people force themselves to leave. It allows everyone else to have a better experience and I get to walk around without their negative attitude. Sometimes I feel like I am doing a public service by forcing these people to show their hands. Although they are probably pretty upset about the outcome but it serves them right as far as I am concerned.

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