Micro Swimsuits are not for Shy Men

  If you are familiar with micro swimsuits and understand what they are, you already know that they are tiny swimsuits that cover very little of the male body. They probably only have a fraction of a yard of material to make each one so you can understand why only men who are in good […]

Caution with Micro Swimsuits

  I love wearing my micro swimsuits but I have to be real careful about the designs that I select. I am one of those guys that have been blessed with a rather large cock and some of the micro designs that are available on the market are not made for guys like me. I […]

Tips for Wearing Micro Swimsuits

  Micro swimsuits are among the tiniest ones available on the market these days. While not as small as the G-string styles, thongs or pouches; they are definitely smaller than bikinis, briefs, and surfer shorts. It takes a man in very good physical shape to successfully pull off wearing these swimsuits if he wants to […]