Loving those Micro Swimsuits


If you want a swimsuit that will show off your body in ways you can’t imagine, then you need to try on some micro swimsuits. Now these are the types of swimsuits that you are not going to be able to try on at a store. In fact, you probably are not going to be able to find a store anywhere near you that will have these designs for sale. But they are so reasonably priced that buying one online to see how it fits is not going to break the bank or anything. If you do not like the micro once you try it, then you can put it away and remind yourself that you at least had the balls, as it were, to try it on every time you look at it.

I love wearing micro swimsuits even when people on the beach think I should not be wearing something that skimpy. The funny thing is that they have no say in what I wear to the beach as long as I am not showing too much skin. I know this because I read up on public regulations regarding swimwear designs and I carry the regulations with me everywhere I go. This way when someone gets lippy about my designs I can show them that I am not breaking any rules with what I chose to wear. They will still argue but if authorities get called in they will always agree with me. Of course, if I am on a family oriented beach, I try to be a bit more considerate with what I wear.


Below male to female transformation swimsuit. Total lip pussy look for men.


Wearing micro swimsuits is not for everyone, though. There are a handful of guys out there that will end up having cocks that are too big for something this small to handle. It is a sad truth, but the good news is that there are designers that are working diligently to make sure all cocks get the chance to wear a micro design. I think there is hope in this world that one day men all over the planet will be allowed to wear skimpy swimwear just like all those women can. After all, there are people who like to see mostly nude men, too.

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