We did the photo shoot!!!

Yesterday we did a photo shoot, twelve new designs that I hope to have on Koalaswim.com by the end of the week. We used two new male models and they did a great job for us. These young men were relative new comers to our designs and it was fun to feminize them. Both boys had fairly substantial cocks. They were absolutely huge next to me! Both men were amazed by how small some the styles are and how skin tight the little shorts fit. The photos came out great and my webmaster is hard at work adding everything to the site. The newsletter sale is still going strong. This last weekend was one of our busiest in the last twenty five years with the newsletter sale playing a big part of that. If you haven’t ordered gifts for yourself and your closet friends now is the time to do so. If you click on a style and it is not there or the size you are looking for is not listed that means we are completely out, that said there are still lots of incredible styles available.



Koala Newsletter and Sale


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