Micro Swimsuits Look Smaller Than They Are

Micro Swimsuits Look Smaller Than They Are

One of the best things about summer, for me, is being able to wear my micro swimsuits out on the beach. Of course, I had to do a lot of research in order to find a beach that would allow me to wear these particular designs on since most people do not like seeing that much of my body flashing around. If you ask me, the public is a bit confused when a woman can walk down the beach in one of those skimpy thongs and a guy is not able to wear the same thing. But I have found a beach now and I absolutely love the fact that I can wear pretty much whatever I want.

I will admit that I was not sure if I could feel comfortable wearing thee micro swimsuits at first. I thought they were interesting and I really wanted to try one out, but they seemed a bit too small for me. I must have spent hours looking at those pictures online before I finally decided to just break down and get one. I simply could not handle not trying it on after spending all that time looking at them online. I was amazed at how much smaller it looked when it finally came in the mail.

The first thing I did when I started buying micro swimsuits is try them on around the house. I wanted to make sure that I would be able to fit inside something that small before going out in public. I just knew that I would end up walking down the beach and have a certain part of my body flop out in front of everyone. Of course, that is not what happened, and I have been wearing them ever since. They really are amazing and I think every guy on the planet should give them a shot just to see what it is like to live a life filled with free expression.


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