Be Daring in Micro Swimsuits

Be Daring in Micro Swimsuits

Summer is just around the corner in many parts of the world and it is time to get excited about purchasing your new micro swimsuits. Men who have been wearing this sort of very daring swimsuit for a while are veterans at shopping for them and choosing exactly what they want. They can shop in local malls, department stores, and online. Most of the time, they have the most luck by shopping on websites that cater to in shape men and those who are willing to do what it takes in order to wear these very revealing swimsuits. It should come as no surprise that men who like wearing micros also are willing to keep their bodies in shape. These are not guys who sit around like couch potatoes, eating Cheetos, while watching television. That means that you cannot do that, either. Not if you want to look hot in a micro.

Obviously, it is quite daring to wear micro swimsuits simply because they do show so much of your body. Think about this: micros are one of the few swimsuits that are made with the intent of showing off a man’s body to the point of getting lustful stares and smiles. These swimsuits accentuate your ass as well as ending just above your family jewels. You can certainly see why your body needs to look good before you slip into a micro. That is why you need to honestly assess your body. Do not make excuses or deny that a glaring flaw is not there. Face it and then make a plan to take care of yourself. Exercise and diet may sound like “four letter words,” but that is what it may take to get your body ready for a micro.

Try to imagine how it will feel the first time that you appear on your favorite beach while wearing your micro swimsuits. Once you have your body looking hot, it is the time to be daring and take that first step out in public while wearing a micro. Nothing compares to the adulation and attention you will get at your favorite swimming venue. Prepare yourself for it and ready yourself to enjoy every smile and wink. There is not another feeling like it. Also, it will make all of that hard work you did worth every sore muscles and every salad you ate in place of a high calorie appetizer.


Photo of me wearing my new Koalaswim neoprene thong!

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