Micro Swimsuits and me.

Micro Swimsuits

One thing I have learned about wearing micro swimsuits is that you really have to be careful if you are a larger sized man. I am not talking about a guy that happens to have a few extra pounds around the waist here, either. I mean being a bit larger in the crotch area. If you are not careful and end up getting the wrong size, then you will probably be popping out of that poor swimsuit right in front of everyone on the beach. Obviously, that is not the best thing to have happen in your life. I am speaking from experience on this, so you should probably pay attention to what I have to say. Although there was one guy there that seemed to enjoy what I was throwing out there, if you get my meaning.

I should probably say that was the first time I have ever worn micro swimsuits and I was not really sure about what I was getting into. Not that it excuses what happened that day or anything, but if I had known that the particular design, I wore would not be able to hold me while I was playing volleyball; then I would have tried wearing something else that day. But lesson learned and, with that knowledge, I was able to find another design that fit a lot better than the previous one did, and I have not had any similar since.

Now I am wearing micro swimsuits that fit my body a little better and keep everything exactly where it should be. I have found that the people around me on the beach seem to like it better this way as well. Although, I do still enjoy wearing that first design I bought around the house. I find that it can really spice things up in the bedroom if used at the right moment in time. I do believe I could live the rest of my life happily if I did not have to wear anything else, too. There is something about wearing a micro design that I honestly cannot imagine wearing any other type of clothing if that was something that could actually be an option in my life. I know it cannot be an option though, so I have to settle for wearing my micro swimsuits under my clothes while I am working. Fortunately, that seems to be enough.

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