Micro Swimsuits for Major Emphasis


Have you ever heard of micro swimsuits? Do you also happen to have a huge member you want to put on display? Then you may have already figured out that these two things go hand-in-hand. Micro swimsuits are perfect for men who want to highlight their finer features. You definitely do not want to get a micro swimsuit if you are not looking to attract a lot of attention. The difference between a regular swimsuit and a micro swimsuit is that the smaller swimsuit puts everything on display. The cut of the fabric is extremely skimpy and hard to ignore. This type of swimsuit is truly only for those who have nothing but confidence in their personal appearance.

Micro swimsuits are for fun-loving people who want to have a good time. When you see someone wearing one of these swimsuits, you know that person is out to party! Sometimes a bikini just is not enough to bring on the best beach experience. Taking away a little more fabric can add just the right amount of teasing and temptation to your socializing experiences. Especially if you are particularly gifted in the nether region either by being blessed with a massive cock or a finely toned ass. Micro swimsuits can add spice to any gathering. Do not get bogged down with shapeless swimwear that does not even try to hug your bountiful curves. You should, instead, invest in a tiny little number to bring out your stunning physique and become the center of attention! It is just no fun to have such a beautiful body and to hide it away under layers of polyester and spandex.

If you are interested in becoming the life of the party and having an exciting time at the beach or pool parties, then you need to get at least one micro swimsuit for yourself. They are difficult to find in traditional department stores, but super easy to find online. You can find the perfect color for your body shade, as well as a flattering size.

Micro Swimsuits are Not Just For Women Anymore


Tabloids around the world love posting photos of different celebrities in micro swimsuits. While many people make negative comments about micro swimsuits, there is a reason they garner so much attention. Deep down, people are fascinated by the human body. Seeing a revealing swimsuit can elicit emotions of shock, offense, or even arousal. Much like art, the human body and its décor bring out the emotions of onlookers. Women with stunning physiques have confidently portrayed themselves in these kinds of swimsuits since they were first introduced into swimwear fashion. The appeal of revealing swimsuits is to appear fabulous and fearless, much in line with artistic expression.

Although micro swimsuits are typically worn by women, men can also enjoy the freedom of having one of their very own. When mens swimsuits are mentioned, most may imagine the traditional swimming trunks. Swimming trunks often come down to the knee and can be a bit restrictive in movement. It is also difficult to enjoy the full feel of the water with so much fabric in the way. For these reasons and many others, some men are opting for a skimpier form of swimwear.

Micro swimsuits are not only practical, they offer the wearer the opportunity to show off and look daring in front of sexy singles they may run into at the beach. In swim trunks, it is hard to make out the finer details of a firmly toned backside or girthy front; however, in a micro swimsuit most everything is on display with little left to the imagination. Flirting becomes simpler with all positive physical features in the open. It shows that you have nothing to hide and are fully confident in yourself and your body. Confidence is highly attractive in the dating world. Maybe with the addition of a micro swimsuit to your wardrobe, you will find another just as confident as you are!

A You Ready for Micro Swimsuits


Micro swimsuits are a lot different from briefs or bikinis. In fact, they have their very own look for the right men. They are rather tiny and do expose a lot of bare skin. That is why the guys that venture into wearing these swimsuits must be in excellent shape or it will all be a waste of money and time. Can you just imagine a short man topping out at three hundred pounds wearing a tiny swimsuit? Obesity is not a friend of micros and you can trust that information. That is why you must take care of your body so that you will look delectable when you go out in public wearing a micro.

If you are one of the lucky guys who can wear micro swimsuits and look positively dashing in them, you already have things figured out about the sort of swimsuit you need to wear. You also know what you can get by with. When you see people staring at you with lustful glances at the beach, you will know completely that you have chosen the perfect swimsuit for your body. By the time you are ready to leave the beach and return home, you will most likely have collected quite a few new phone numbers as well as various invitations to parties and dinner. This will happen because you have had the confidence to wear your micro on your carefully sculpted body.

When you start shopping for your swimwear, be sure to keep micro swimsuits in mind. Those can make a guy look absolutely magnificent when he takes care of his body. Nothing looks better on a man who is in excellent shape. Micros are even worn by body builders during competitions so that the majority of their bodies are in full view. However, you do not have to be a body builder in order to wear a micro successfully. Just get in some exercise and follow a healthy eating plan. Do not be a couch potato and you will see just how hot you can be in a micro. It will be a revelation when you stand in front of that mirror and view yourself.

Getting the Right Body to Wear Micro Swimsuits


If you want to be able to successfully wear micro swimsuits in public, it is imperative that you get your body in the kind of shape that other people will want to see when you visit your favorite beach or swimming pool. That will mean doing such things as going on a sensible workout program as well as a healthy eating plan. The goal is to get you looking delicious so that people will drool when you walk by. When you walk across the sandy beach on your way to the water’s edge, you can glance from the corner of your eye and see what sort of looks you are getting from other beach goers. If you are getting disinterested looks or giggles; then something is terribly wrong and you have not put yourself on the right physical path.

On the other hand, if you are wearing men’s micro swimsuits and catch some flirty smiles and jaws dropping as they look at you; then you will know that you did everything right when trying to get yourself in great shape. Everything that you did as far as physical workouts and healthy eating is what you should keep doing so that you can continue to wear micros and get those lustful glances from others. You will understand what it means to be sought after if you have never experienced that sensation in the past. When you get that first offer of a phone number from a gorgeous stranger, you will know that you are desirable.

The only problem with micro swimsuits is that they are not always easily found in shops. You certainly will not be able to walk into a Walmart or Target store and pull a micro off the rack. Of course, that will depend on the part of the country you are trying to shop in because some areas might be a bit more liberal than others. If you cannot find a micro in your local shops, you can always find many selections on the internet. There are thousands of websites that cater to men’s wear and these sites will always offer many swim suits including micros. All you have to do is find the one you like and order it. Then you will just have to wait for it to arrive at your door.

Be Courageous in Wearing Micro Swimsuits


Wearing micro swimsuits can require quite a bit of courage for some men. The main reason for that is they feel their bodies are not good enough to show off that much skin. Obviously, a man who is rather obese should probably either go on a workout program and a healthy eating regimen or find something that will cause them to do less damage among the other visitors to the beach. Plus, you must also be aware that you will be pointed at and laughed at. Yes, there are still people today who do not have any manners or compassion for those less attractive so be prepared.

On the other hand, you can do something about this situation well ahead of time. All it takes is a lot of effort, determination and drive to get yourself in the shape to wear micro swimsuits. Granted, it may not be easy to fix all of the flaws in your body. That will depend how long you have let yourself go to seed. The more work your body needs, the longer it will take to get you where you need to be. If you happen to only have a few problem areas, you can probably be ready to hit the public beach wearing your new micro. But it does take determination and self-discipline to accomplish what you need to do. Keep that in mind and you will be amazed just how fast those excess pounds and fat fall off and how quickly your body becomes toned and muscled.

Micro swimsuits can make men look like the most delicious piece of sexiness on the beach. Sure, there might be other eye candy strolling around in micros, but you can be right up there in the top ten if you decide to take that huge step that leads to you looking like someone that everyone on that beach would want to go home with. All you have to do is feel that bravery within you to get started on being able to successfully wear micros. Then, you will see what it feels like to be desired by many people at once.

Get in Shape to Wear Micro Swimsuits


If you are a man who loves to wear or wants to try out micro swimsuits, the most important thing to remember is that your body must be in pretty decent shape in order to wear one of these swimsuits successfully. Micro is exactly what it sounds like. These are tiny, tiny swimsuits and they show just about everything. They might be considered to be smaller than some G-strings. At any rate, your entire backside will be exposed and your package will leave a lot on display without actually showing it. They are teasing swimsuits and make people want to see even more than they are viewing. These swimsuits are great ways to get all of the attention that you want.

Micro swimsuits require men that take care of their bodies. It is really as simple as that. If you happen to be someone who sits on the couch watching television and eating a bag of Cheetos; you need to forget about wearing tiny swimsuits. There is nothing you have that anyone wants to see. On the other hand, you could choose to make a positive decision and start a workout program and eating a healthy diet. Yes, those words “diet” and “workout program” sound like torture, but it really does not have to be that way. You can choose to start off slow and work your way into more strenuous activities when you know that your body can handle it.

The choice, of course, is yours. Close your eyes and see yourselves as toned and buffed men wearing micro swimsuits. Then imagine all the beautiful people at the beach or resort swimming pool, staring at you. See them approaching you to get to know you better. Once you land a few hot partners, you will see that all of your efforts were well worth it. Go ahead and make the right decision and get started on making yourself the man who looks likes he needs to wear micros. You may be surprised at the results.

Taking a Chance with Micro Swimsuits

Admittedly, appearing on a public beach or a resort swimming pool wearing nothing more than micro swimsuits can be rather frightening and uncomfortable for many men. The main reason for this is that those men are unsure of the shape of their bodies. However, there is no reason to harbor a fear such as that. All it takes is assessing your body and figuring out what is needed to correct any flawed areas. Obviously, there will always be men who are simply too lazy to do what is needed in order to look the best they can. On the other hand, the men who want to do all they can to get positive attention when they are 90 percent naked in public venues.
Micro swimsuits can cause many men to become nervous about showing their bodies in public. If you are a single man, you are most likely trying to find someone that you can have some fun with or even form a permanent relationship with. Many men have done just that by wearing these tiny garments on their amazing bodies. They have started on a healthy diet and a regular physical workout that targets their problem areas. These are the men who are quite serious about improving their love lives or even just their sex lives. They know what women are looking for in a man and they want to do all they can to attract and keep those women with them in their lives.

Of course, the decision is yours. Do you want to take a chance on using micro swimsuits in order to gain admiring and lustful attention from a possible future partner? Or do you want to continue to hide behind those swimsuits that will not do very much to get your noticed? The thing is that you will have to work at this somewhat depending on how out of shape you are. Dedication and commitment will get you everything you need when it comes to having the body you want when you appear in a micro swimsuit. Think about it pretty seriously. The end result might just be worth all of your effort.

Micro Swimsuits for Brave Men


There are a lot of brave men out there wearing micro swimsuits in order to show off their bodies. I say they are brave because I haven’t gotten the nerve up to wear one out in public myself yet. I have worn one a few times around the house when no one was around but that is about it. I feel that people would end up judging me because of what I was wearing and I don’t want to go through something like that. I would rather have people think that I look good in something more common than freak out because I am wearing something that literally shows off everything I have to offer.

I know it sounds crazy but I am just not ready for that kind of attention yet. I would love to be able to walk down the beach in my own micro swimsuits but there aren’t that many guys wearing them where I live. I think that if more guys were brave enough to wear something like this locally than I could be comfortable enough to wear one too. Maybe one of these days the micro design will be the most common design being worn and I won’t have to worry about this anymore.

I guess it doesn’t really matter if I am wearing my micro swimsuits out in public or at home though, as long as I have one on and I enjoy it right? I think feeling comfortable in what you are wearing is much more important than anything else and that I what I am going to do my best to accomplish. Maybe if I can find the comfort and acceptance of myself than I will be able to wear whatever I want to whenever I feel like it. There just might be hope for me after all. All I would have to do is figure out what it is about me that I am unnerved with and fix it. That shouldn’t be too difficult.

We did the photo shoot!!!

Yesterday we did a photo shoot, twelve new designs that I hope to have on Koalaswim.com by the end of the week. We used two new male models and they did a great job for us. These young men were relative new comers to our designs and it was fun to feminize them. Both boys had fairly substantial cocks. They were absolutely huge next to me! Both men were amazed by how small some the styles are and how skin tight the little shorts fit. The photos came out great and my webmaster is hard at work adding everything to the site. The newsletter sale is still going strong. This last weekend was one of our busiest in the last twenty five years with the newsletter sale playing a big part of that. If you haven’t ordered gifts for yourself and your closet friends now is the time to do so. If you click on a style and it is not there or the size you are looking for is not listed that means we are completely out, that said there are still lots of incredible styles available.



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Getting Caught in my New Speedo Swimsuit


So I just bought a speedo swimsuit the other day and it finally arrived in the mail. I was so excited that I immediately put it on and started wearing it around the house, pretending I was on the beach. The funny thing about this is that it is way too cold to go to any beach nearby and I was sitting on my living room floor on a beach towel with my sunglasses on. I was having the time of my life when I heard someone knock at the door and it brought me back to reality.


Ready to jump from Speedos to real Micro swimsuits for men?

So here I am in my speedo swimsuit acting like I am on the beach in the middle of the night, close to freezing outside, and someone is knocking on my door. I thought about just ignoring them because there aren’t any doors to knock on where I was at but I had the lights on so they knew I was home. If I didn’t answer the door whoever it was would end up thinking that something was wrong and the last thing I needed was the cops rushing in to do a welfare check on me. So I had to answer the door and hope they didn’t want to hang out or something.

I got up and answered the door still wearing my speedo swimsuit and it was a friend of mine pushing past me and rushing inside. I knew the gig was up and I turned around after shutting the door prepared for the jokes that were coming my way when I noticed something very odd. They were wearing a speedo as well and nothing else. We stood and looked at each other for what seemed like hours before busting out laughing. He had gotten locked out of his house while trying his speedo on outside to see just how cold it was and knowing I had a key risked the humiliation to get back inside and change. We ended up having quite the night pretending to be on the beach together and can’t wait for the spring to do it for real.