Taking a Chance with Micro Swimsuits

Admittedly, appearing on a public beach or a resort swimming pool wearing nothing more than micro swimsuits can be rather frightening and uncomfortable for many men. The main reason for this is that those men are unsure of the shape of their bodies. However, there is no reason to harbor a fear such as that. All it takes is assessing your body and figuring out what is needed to correct any flawed areas. Obviously, there will always be men who are simply too lazy to do what is needed in order to look the best they can. On the other hand, the men who want to do all they can to get positive attention when they are 90 percent naked in public venues.
Micro swimsuits can cause many men to become nervous about showing their bodies in public. If you are a single man, you are most likely trying to find someone that you can have some fun with or even form a permanent relationship with. Many men have done just that by wearing these tiny garments on their amazing bodies. They have started on a healthy diet and a regular physical workout that targets their problem areas. These are the men who are quite serious about improving their love lives or even just their sex lives. They know what women are looking for in a man and they want to do all they can to attract and keep those women with them in their lives.

Of course, the decision is yours. Do you want to take a chance on using micro swimsuits in order to gain admiring and lustful attention from a possible future partner? Or do you want to continue to hide behind those swimsuits that will not do very much to get your noticed? The thing is that you will have to work at this somewhat depending on how out of shape you are. Dedication and commitment will get you everything you need when it comes to having the body you want when you appear in a micro swimsuit. Think about it pretty seriously. The end result might just be worth all of your effort.

Micro Swimsuits for Brave Men


There are a lot of brave men out there wearing micro swimsuits in order to show off their bodies. I say they are brave because I haven’t gotten the nerve up to wear one out in public myself yet. I have worn one a few times around the house when no one was around but that is about it. I feel that people would end up judging me because of what I was wearing and I don’t want to go through something like that. I would rather have people think that I look good in something more common than freak out because I am wearing something that literally shows off everything I have to offer.

I know it sounds crazy but I am just not ready for that kind of attention yet. I would love to be able to walk down the beach in my own micro swimsuits but there aren’t that many guys wearing them where I live. I think that if more guys were brave enough to wear something like this locally than I could be comfortable enough to wear one too. Maybe one of these days the micro design will be the most common design being worn and I won’t have to worry about this anymore.

I guess it doesn’t really matter if I am wearing my micro swimsuits out in public or at home though, as long as I have one on and I enjoy it right? I think feeling comfortable in what you are wearing is much more important than anything else and that I what I am going to do my best to accomplish. Maybe if I can find the comfort and acceptance of myself than I will be able to wear whatever I want to whenever I feel like it. There just might be hope for me after all. All I would have to do is figure out what it is about me that I am unnerved with and fix it. That shouldn’t be too difficult.

We did the photo shoot!!!

Yesterday we did a photo shoot, twelve new designs that I hope to have on Koalaswim.com by the end of the week. We used two new male models and they did a great job for us. These young men were relative new comers to our designs and it was fun to feminize them. Both boys had fairly substantial cocks. They were absolutely huge next to me! Both men were amazed by how small some the styles are and how skin tight the little shorts fit. The photos came out great and my webmaster is hard at work adding everything to the site. The newsletter sale is still going strong. This last weekend was one of our busiest in the last twenty five years with the newsletter sale playing a big part of that. If you haven’t ordered gifts for yourself and your closet friends now is the time to do so. If you click on a style and it is not there or the size you are looking for is not listed that means we are completely out, that said there are still lots of incredible styles available.



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Getting Caught in my New Speedo Swimsuit


So I just bought a speedo swimsuit the other day and it finally arrived in the mail. I was so excited that I immediately put it on and started wearing it around the house, pretending I was on the beach. The funny thing about this is that it is way too cold to go to any beach nearby and I was sitting on my living room floor on a beach towel with my sunglasses on. I was having the time of my life when I heard someone knock at the door and it brought me back to reality.


Ready to jump from Speedos to real Micro swimsuits for men?

So here I am in my speedo swimsuit acting like I am on the beach in the middle of the night, close to freezing outside, and someone is knocking on my door. I thought about just ignoring them because there aren’t any doors to knock on where I was at but I had the lights on so they knew I was home. If I didn’t answer the door whoever it was would end up thinking that something was wrong and the last thing I needed was the cops rushing in to do a welfare check on me. So I had to answer the door and hope they didn’t want to hang out or something.

I got up and answered the door still wearing my speedo swimsuit and it was a friend of mine pushing past me and rushing inside. I knew the gig was up and I turned around after shutting the door prepared for the jokes that were coming my way when I noticed something very odd. They were wearing a speedo as well and nothing else. We stood and looked at each other for what seemed like hours before busting out laughing. He had gotten locked out of his house while trying his speedo on outside to see just how cold it was and knowing I had a key risked the humiliation to get back inside and change. We ended up having quite the night pretending to be on the beach together and can’t wait for the spring to do it for real.


Micro Swimsuits Are Suited For Everyone


There is a part of me that would love to be able to wear my micro swimsuits to the beach but another part of me tells me just how stupid that would be. I have seen guys wearing them before so I know that I won’t get hassled about the design showing off too much or anything like that. But I also know that I don’t have the same body type that those other guys had when I saw them walking through the sand. I think the body type thing would probably be the one thing that would do me in if I was to start wearing something like this out in public.

I am a rather large man and I love wearing my micro swimsuits around the house simply because I don’t really have anywhere else to wear them. I want to go out and show the world that I can wear the same things that other guys can wear but I know just how much trouble I would end up getting for doing something like that. It seems like people really enjoy fat shaming and if I was walking down the beach in a micro I am sure that someone would point out just how large I am.


It really is sad that I have to worry so much about wearing something like micro swimsuits out in public. I know that I could do something about my body and I really am trying to but it isn’t as easy as others might think. I have had issues with my weight all my life and it isn’t because I overeat all the time or just eat junk food and nothing else. The thing is that I want to be accepted for who I am and not what everyone else thinks I need to look like. Until the day arrives where I can comfortably wear my micro out in public I will just have to keep wearing it around the house and hope that someone out there is experiencing the same feelings that I am at the moment.

Always Feel Comfortable in Your Micro Swimsuits


Wearing micro swimsuits is mu akin to putting a Band-Aid on a severed hand in some people’s minds. All they can see is that you are wearing the smallest looking swimsuit ever created and you aren’t really hiding anything away. But what they don’t understand is that you are wearing something that makes you feel good about yourself and that is the important part. Sure it may be a bit small in appearance but there is a lot of room in that thing which may sound odd but it really isn’t. In fact you would have to try one on just to understand how much room there really is in there.


I would suggest making sure your body is in decent shape before wearing micro swimsuits out tin public though. I have seen a few guys that have worn something like this and it looks like they aren’t wearing anything at all. Now something like that might end up getting you into some trouble depending on the beach that you are going to. Since you don’t want any hassle from the public it would be wise to make sure people can actually see that you are wearing a swimsuit even if it is micro in size.

I try each of my men’s micro swimsuits out at home and look at myself in a full length mirror before going out in public. I want to make sure that people know I am wearing something because I have had people complain that I was nude on a beach before and it isn’t fun. I would also stay away from skin colored designs as well since they can easily be confused when seen form a distance. With that being said you should always remember that the point here is to have fun and enjoy yourself. If you aren’t happy with wearing your micro then this might not be for you in the first place. You have to be willing to put your body on display to the public and having a negative feeling about that could make you extremely uncomfortable.

The Right Size of Micro Swimsuits is Important


Wearing micro swimsuits can be a bit frustrating for the first time. The main reason for this is the fact that swimwear like this is much smaller than what you might be used to. I have a couple of friends that have tried them out and they just couldn’t get the hang of wearing something that small. They wanted to enjoy wearing them but they felt uncomfortable walking around in something that small. I can understand that since those guys are pretty well hung in certain places and that would make a small swimsuit feel even smaller I am sure.

Thankfully I am not overly large in those areas and I have no problems with wearing micro swimsuits. I often wonder what it would be like to be bigger but then I realize that if I was bigger I wouldn’t be able to wear a micro out in public anymore. I find that I have the perfect size to wear something like this and still be able to enjoy it which is not something a lot of guys out there can say with any confidence. I kind of feel sorry for my friends but they have found other types of swimwear that they can wear and be happy in so it doesn’t really matter.

I would highly recommend finding some micro swimsuits that you can try out in private before showing them off to the world. This is basically so that you can get used to the way they fit and to see if you can actually fit into them properly. You don’t want to take your micro out to the beach and slip it on only to find out that all those strangers can see everything you are bringing to the party after all. Try them out at home and make sure that you can move around without things falling out and you should do just fine.

Micro Swimsuits and My Anaconda


There are a lot of things to say about micro swimsuits but the most important thing has to be about the size itself. Yes, they are very comfortable and quite sexy, but these swimsuits are not exactly created equally for all guys. You see, not to brag or anything, but I have a rather large cock and wearing a micro is almost pure hell for me if I am not careful. I have to make sure that I buy one that will fit me perfectly or I am going to have issues you would not believe when wearing it out in public. The worst thing about it all is that there are lots of people who notice any issues you might have.

I will give you an example. The first time that I wore my micro swimsuits out to the beach, I was feeling like I was on top of the world. I was showing off my body like I never had before when people started pointing and turning their heads away rapidly. I had no idea what was going on until some guy whispered in my ear that I was hanging out of my swimsuit. I looked down and, sure enough, my cock had slipped to the side and was just dangling there. It was dangling quite impressively if you ask me, but apparently there were a lot of people that were not impressed with what they were seeing.


Ever since then, I have been extra careful in making sure that my micro swimsuits will be able to handle the particular size of cock that I have. Again, I am not trying to put myself above everyone else out there, but if you have a large cock you really need to make sure you will fit in something of this nature. I could have been arrested and charged as a sex offender if someone had not told me what was happening and that is not a good thing. So, do your research and make sure that you are able to fit that entire monster in that micro before walking out into public with it.

Falling in Love with Micro Swimsuits


I have seen my first micro swimsuits design in real life the other day and I am greatly impressed. I have seen a lot of them online and other places, but they never really gave me enough to see. Those pictures always seemed so staged to me, even the ones that are supposed to be guys taking selfies. But actually being out on the beach and having a guy walk by wearing a micro was something I never thought I would experience. I do not normally hang out on beaches where guys would wear something like that so you can guess how my initial reaction might have gone.

Now I do not want to say that I jumped up and down shouting and pointing at that guy’s micro swimsuit, but that is sort exactly what happened. A little bit anyway. It was embarrassing for both of us, too. The guy started to smile at first until I did a total fan-boy scene in front of everyone on the beach. Then, it was all he could do to not hit me in the face and run away screaming. I really do wish I could have shown some restraint during that moment.



After seeing those micro swimsuits in person, I decided to go ahead and buy my own. Now I know I am not going to look as good in them as that guy did, but I had to do something. I could not think about anything but that swimsuit and I had to do something to ease my mind. Buying my own may not have done that, though, as all I can think about is wearing it now. I hope the mail comes early tomorrow so that I can put it on as soon as possible. My only other issue is in trying not to wear the thing every single day for the rest of my life. Maybe I should look into buying another one just to be safe, or even enough of them to wear a different one every day of the week.

Have the Sense to Know if You Can Wear Micro Swimsuits


Micro swimsuits are right up there with other tiny swimwear such as thongs, G-strings and pouches. Their size is the main reason that men who decide to wear such swimsuits should be positive that their bodies are pretty close to perfect. Some men can get by with decent bodies as long as they do not have hanging stomachs and man boobs. Seriously, it is easier to just admit that flabby men should stay away from small swimsuits. They need take a brutal and honest assessment of their bodies when trying to decide whether or not they are in fit condition to wear small swimsuits.

When you are trying to make the decision about whether or not to wear micro swimsuits, be sure to understand just how small this swimwear is. A micro covers very little when it comes to the body. Of course, your package will be concealed for the most part. However, your backside will not be so covered. A great deal of your ass cheeks will be on display to anyone who happens to look so if you have a flabby ass, you might want to change your mind about wearing a micro. The back view is not attractive in the least. Of course, the front view is not attractive, either, if you have an obese body because your beer belly will be hanging over your swimsuit so that it is probably not seen at all.

The important thing about wearing micro swimsuits is to pay close attention how you look when you have one of them on your body. If you do not trust yourself to be a good judge of your appearance, get someone you trust to tell you the truth about how you look. If that person tells you that you need to put on surfer shorts and a t-shirt, you better follow their advice or you run the risk of being the laughing stock of the beach. When it comes to wearing micros, you need to be smart. Have the good sense to know and admit how your look when slip into a micro. That will save you a lot of hurt feelings in the future.