My Introduction to Micro Swimsuits

  I love hitting the beach any chance that I get. As I am at the beach quite frequently, micro swimsuits are pretty familiar to me because I see a lot of men wandering around while wearing them. My friends have tried to talk me into switching over to micros but I am just not […]

Take a Chance with Micro Swimsuits

  Micro swimsuits are, admittedly, not for every guy on the planet. There will always be those men that simply cannot manage to carry off wearing these particular swimsuits successfully. Those men usually learn to accept their lot in life and stick to swimsuits that will at least do something to hide their body flaws […]

Trying Out Micro Swimsuits

  I have noticed that there are some guys in the world that have been wearing micro swimsuits when they go to the beach. It’s actually not all that difficult to notice, either. These guys are wearing something that I would never have thought of as being swimwear, but they do look good in them. […]