Objections to Micro Swimsuits

  I have always had a problem with wearing micro swimsuits. I love the designs and everything but I just cannot seem to fit inside them the way that I should. Every time I sit down in one of these micros, I end up slipping out of one side or the other. It’s not that […]

Loving those Micro Swimsuits

  If you want a swimsuit that will show off your body in ways you can’t imagine, then you need to try on some micro swimsuits. Now these are the types of swimsuits that you are not going to be able to try on at a store. In fact, you probably are not going to […]

Getting into Micro Swimsuits

  I have just recently been turned on to these micro swimsuits and find them to be the most amazing swimsuit that I have ever worn. I saw a guy wearing one on the beach not too long ago and had to ask him what it was as I had never seen anything like that […]