Be Daring in Micro Swimsuits

Be Daring in Micro Swimsuits Summer is just around the corner in many parts of the world and it is time to get excited about purchasing your new micro swimsuits. Men who have been wearing this sort of very daring swimsuit for a while are veterans at shopping for them and choosing exactly what they […]

Micro Swimsuits Look Smaller Than They Are

Micro Swimsuits Look Smaller Than They Are One of the best things about summer, for me, is being able to wear my micro swimsuits out on the beach. Of course, I had to do a lot of research in order to find a beach that would allow me to wear these particular designs on since […]

Yes, Micro Swimsuits Can Fit Larger Cocks

  I know that wearing micro swimsuits is not something that every guy in the world can or would want to wear, but I think it is important to at least try. Sure, you might feel like you are on display while walking down the beach but isn’t that even more of a reason to […]

Micro Swimsuits for Major Emphasis

  Have you ever heard of micro swimsuits? Do you also happen to have a huge member you want to put on display? Then you may have already figured out that these two things go hand-in-hand. Micro swimsuits are perfect for men who want to highlight their finer features. You definitely do not want to […]

Be Courageous in Wearing Micro Swimsuits

  Wearing micro swimsuits can require quite a bit of courage for some men. The main reason for that is they feel their bodies are not good enough to show off that much skin. Obviously, a man who is rather obese should probably either go on a workout program and a healthy eating regimen or […]

Taking a Chance with Micro Swimsuits

Admittedly, appearing on a public beach or a resort swimming pool wearing nothing more than micro swimsuits can be rather frightening and uncomfortable for many men. The main reason for this is that those men are unsure of the shape of their bodies. However, there is no reason to harbor a fear such as that. […]

Three Men in Micro Swimsuits

  I saw my first micro swimsuits out in public the other day and I am still amazed at how great those three guys looked in them. I have seen plenty of pictures online, but seeing them in person is a completely different thing. The models that are always wearing them in online pictures are […]

Handling the Tininess of Micro Swimsuits

  If you think your swimsuit might be a bit small, then you should look at some of the micro swimsuits that are available these days. They don’t call them micros for nothing. These things are so small that you might think that guy walking towards you is completely naked if you didn’t look closer. […]

Taking the Plunge with Micro Swimsuits

I started wearing micro swimsuits this summer and I am amazed at the attention I have gotten because of them. I used to go to the beach and most people would simply ignore me unless I was in their way or something. But while wearing my micros, I have found that people are generally more […]

My Experience with Wearing Micro Swimsuits

  Wearing micro swimsuits is a different thing for me. I’m used to wearing suits that cover up quite a bit of my body, but these micros don’t seem to do too much of that. The small nature of these designs makes them look absolutely sexy to me but I am always self-conscious about people […]