Micro Swimsuits in the Right Setting

Micro Swimsuits in the Right Setting Not every occasion calls for micro swimsuits. There is a bit of a stigma with revealing swimwear, mostly because people are not aware of the proper occasions to wear them, or they just do not care. It is understandable from the perspective of those of you who are more […]

Falling in Love with Micro Swimsuits

  I have seen my first micro swimsuits design in real life the other day and I am greatly impressed. I have seen a lot of them online and other places, but they never really gave me enough to see. Those pictures always seemed so staged to me, even the ones that are supposed to […]

Micro Swimsuits are at their Prime

  The time for the popularity of micro swimsuits has arrived with plenty of fanfare going before it announcing that these are quite possibly the swimsuits of the future as well as the present. These amazing swimsuits are exactly as their name implies: micro. They manage to fall somewhere between the bikini style and the […]

Pushing the Limits with Micro Swimsuits

  Who would have thought that wearing something so small, like micro swimsuits, would be such a great feeling in public? I know that a lot of people would probably prefer that I didn’t wear something like this out in public but I don’t care what they think. I am more than happy to wear […]

Micro swimsuits and me.

    This summer I came out of the closet for a second time. This time instead oftelling all my friends and family that I was gay I let them know another secret.I am into wearing micro swimwear, the smaller the better! I have been going tothe beach for years wearing tiny bikinis and thongs […]

Take a Chance with Micro Swimsuits

  Micro swimsuits are, admittedly, not for every guy on the planet. There will always be those men that simply cannot manage to carry off wearing these particular swimsuits successfully. Those men usually learn to accept their lot in life and stick to swimsuits that will at least do something to hide their body flaws […]

Three Men in Micro Swimsuits

  I saw my first micro swimsuits out in public the other day and I am still amazed at how great those three guys looked in them. I have seen plenty of pictures online, but seeing them in person is a completely different thing. The models that are always wearing them in online pictures are […]

Are You Brave Enough to Wear Micro Swimsuits

  Micro swimsuits tend to take quite a bit of courage to wear out in public for most men. The main problem with these tiny suits is that the men wearing them must have at least a decent body. The better the body the better the micro will fit and flatter the man wearing it. […]