Caution with Micro Swimsuits


I love wearing my micro swimsuits but I have to be real careful about the designs that I select. I am one of those guys that have been blessed with a rather large cock and some of the micro designs that are available on the market are not made for guys like me. I had one design that I really loved but I could not hide more than a quarter of my cock inside of it. I still wear it in the bedroom but that is about as far as I can take it. I know that going out in public with it on is going to get me into a lot of trouble so I do not even bother.

They have started making micro swimsuits for guys like me recently and I find that to be a very good thing. I love being able to find designs that I like and can actually wear out in public, although I still have to be careful of where I wear them. There are a few beaches that will look the other way when I come out onto them, but there are a lot more that will tell me straight up that I cannot be there in a micro. I think those guys are just jealous because they can hide their cock away under a band aid.

DSCF5175 Micro suit with Ass Spark!

I would love to find a beach where everyone is wearing micro swimsuits, even the women. I bet that beach would be a load of fun to hang out either alone or with my friends. Just think about all those sexy people walking around practically showing their entire body off to complete strangers. It makes me want to buy some beach front property with a private beach just so I could make it a rule that only people in micros could be there. I wonder if I could get in trouble for doing something like that these days. I might have to look into this a little more and find out. Research does not bother me when it is regarding something that I really care about.