Micro Swimsuits are not for Shy Men


If you are familiar with micro swimsuits and understand what they are, you already know that they are tiny swimsuits that cover very little of the male body. They probably only have a fraction of a yard of material to make each one so you can understand why only men who are in good shape physically should wear them. Naturally, there are those men who have great bodies but they are so painfully shy that they rarely even go to the beach let alone put on any type of swimsuit. They are not confident enough for some reason to slip into a pair of shorts let alone a tiny swimsuit.

Shy men may tend to work harder on their bodies and appearances than men more confident but that does not mean that they will wear micro swimsuits. At least not in public. Many of them might slip into a micro and wander around in the privacy of their own homes but they are not about to go out in public wearing one. The reason is not because they look terrible, silly or scary in a micro. That is not it at all. They are simply so shy that they do not see how great they a micro looks on them. The shyness blinds them to their great looks so they tend to wear shorts or something that will cover them up sufficiently if they ever get up the nerve to go swimming.


The shyness may be a good reason for these men to not wear micro swimsuits. It may be the only reason that they refuse to wear swimsuits that are this small. No one can talk these guys into wearing tiny swimsuits because no matter how much they are told that they look awesome, these men are too shy to believe it. They just look in the mirror and see an unattractive man looking back out at them. This is a very sad thing, indeed, but not one that can be easily handled. These guys have to decide on their own that they look a lot better in micros than they originally thought. Nothing else will work.