Show off in Micro Swimsuits


If you are looking for something that will really show off your cock, then you might want to think about wearing micro swimsuits. Now, I know you are thinking that you couldn’t possibly wear something like that out in public but, once you get used to the way they fit, you will want to display them every chance you get. I wasn’t so sure about fitting into something that small, either but, after a few minutes of wearing it around the house, I wanted to head out to the beach. Thankfully, there are a lot of people at my beach that love seeing guys walking around in something sexy like this.

I could imagine what it would be like to see a guy wearing micro swimsuits for the first time if no one had ever worn anything like that. I would probably think there was something wrong with them at first. But, after wearing a swimsuit like this, I can understand why guys would love them so much. While they do show off everything you have, in a very good way I might add; they also cover things up so that you aren’t going to get in trouble. That is something that is extremely important to me and to all men.

I will tell you that wearing micro swimsuits for the first time is a bit uncomfortable if you aren’t used to snug clothing. By snug, I mean extremely small and confining. However, after a few hours, you will like the way they feel. It’s almost like you are completely naked to a certain extent. In fact, I have to look down every now and then to make sure that I still have my swimsuit on. Although I am sure that everyone on the beach would be more than happy to point out that I was no longer wearing my swimsuit if the need ever arose, I prefer to take preventive measures for something like that.