Have the Sense to Know if You Can Wear Micro Swimsuits


Micro swimsuits are right up there with other tiny swimwear such as thongs, G-strings and pouches. Their size is the main reason that men who decide to wear such swimsuits should be positive that their bodies are pretty close to perfect. Some men can get by with decent bodies as long as they do not have hanging stomachs and man boobs. Seriously, it is easier to just admit that flabby men should stay away from small swimsuits. They need take a brutal and honest assessment of their bodies when trying to decide whether or not they are in fit condition to wear small swimsuits.

When you are trying to make the decision about whether or not to wear micro swimsuits, be sure to understand just how small this swimwear is. A micro covers very little when it comes to the body. Of course, your package will be concealed for the most part. However, your backside will not be so covered. A great deal of your ass cheeks will be on display to anyone who happens to look so if you have a flabby ass, you might want to change your mind about wearing a micro. The back view is not attractive in the least. Of course, the front view is not attractive, either, if you have an obese body because your beer belly will be hanging over your swimsuit so that it is probably not seen at all.

The important thing about wearing micro swimsuits is to pay close attention how you look when you have one of them on your body. If you do not trust yourself to be a good judge of your appearance, get someone you trust to tell you the truth about how you look. If that person tells you that you need to put on surfer shorts and a t-shirt, you better follow their advice or you run the risk of being the laughing stock of the beach. When it comes to wearing micros, you need to be smart. Have the good sense to know and admit how your look when slip into a micro. That will save you a lot of hurt feelings in the future.