Vegas and my micro swimsuits

It has been a while since I posted on micro swimsuits but that does not mean I have not been busy wearing my new micros and even trying on some that are not yet on the market. My new favorite micro swimsuit that I have been wearing all summer long is called the Air Male by Koalaswim. It is insanely micro just barely covering my penis and compressing it so the bulge is super small, but not so small that it is feminine. It is small enough to be smaller than any micro swimsuit you will see on the beach even ones the girls are wearing. I would say it is a fraction of the size of your typical female thong which is already extremely small. My bulge while wearing the Air Male thong can make my shaft look like it is under one inch in size and when I get out of the cold water it compresses so nicely that my shaft could pass for ½ inch in size, truly striking and it gets me non-stop attention from men and women all positive! Micro swimsuits are by definition extremely small but this suit feels like I am at the beach or around the pool and virtually nude. This summer I was at the adult pool at Caesars Palace and when the waitress asked me if I wanted a drink and we started talking she told me that in the six years she has been working there she had never seen a smaller suit on anyone. She thought it was awesome that I was brave enough to wear it in public. I told her I wish I could lay out nude. The girls at the adult pool can go topless and many do but the bottoms have to stay on. She laughed and said that from across the pool when she was walking over, she indeed though I was naked. We both had a giggle. Latter the same day she stopped over with a friend and introduced me to him. He worked at the pool too and wanted to see where I got my micro swimsuits from since he was into wearing them but had never seen one like this. We chatted and ended up having dinner together and a lot of fun that night but what happens in Vegas stays there.  

Air Male Thong by Koalaswim