How small can we go?

Micro Swimsuits

I have noticed that there are some guys out there that have been wearing micro swimsuits on the beach. It’s actually not all that difficult to notice either. These guys are wearing something that I would never have thought of as being swimwear, but they do look good in them. Now I may not look as good in something like that as they do but I am really curious about how they fit. I know they are small and don’t really hide all that much from the imagination, but this is something that I am really interested in trying out even if it is only once.

I have started looking around online for different micro swimsuits and found that they are much more common than I would have expected. I figured something like this would be rather difficult to find since it isn’t something too mainstream, but I was wrong. Apparently there are loads of guys out there wearing these things on beaches and whatnot. I can tell because of the number of designs that I ended up finding while I was doing my little search. I have only seen a few guys wearing them in my area but apparently there are even more of them out there in the world.

I guess it is a good thing that so many guys want to wear these micro swimsuits. If there weren’t any guys out there wearing them then I probably wouldn’t have started looking for one myself. Actually, I can guarantee that I wouldn’t have started looking for anything like this since I didn’t even know that they existed. But since I do know they exist, and I have spent enough time looking for my own design I feel that I am almost ready to take one of these micros out onto the beach to see what everyone else might think about it.

Koalaswim micro men’s swimsuit