Crazy Micro Swimsuits

Many men including I who are deeply into wearing spandex style micro swimsuits experiment with all sorts of styles. Personally, my go to beach micro swimsuits are all thongs and G-strings with a sprinkling of micro style shorts. I often wear the shorts over my very extreme swimsuit as a cover-up, but my micro shorts are much more extreme than normal shorts. They show a lot of ass and highlight my bulge or in the cage of femme style suits they showoff what appears to be a vagina. That last word catches a lot of men off guard, but the fact is many of the suits I wear have a femme front also known as male to female transformation designs. These designs are extremely popular with cross dressers and men who are in the process of transforming to female. The surprise is that there are many men both straight and gay that love wearing these designs too. They allow the wearing to get in touch with his feminine side unlike any other style of clothing you can wear and since the suits are designed to be used in public, they are that much more fun to wear. The newest of these styles are suits like Girl Talk and Girl’s Day. These are stunning thongs that will blow you away with how real the feminine effect is. No one will be able to tell you are anything but female down there. This is a huge change from the other suits I wear that are bulge style designs. These designs can highlight how small your bulge is something I enjoy and on the other end of the spectrum can make your bulge look large even if you are not. Personally, I prefer the micro bulge or feminine style fronts but on occasion I like to look like a real man with a nice large cock and these designs take good care of me.

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