Micro swimsuits, the new king of micros

Micro swimsuits

I love the challenge of designing some of the world’s smallest micro swimsuits for men. My name is Michael David and I am the head designer at Koalaswim. We have put together a collection of men’s micro swimsuits unrivaled anywhere. One of the first questions I get from people is why? Why micro swimsuits and why for men? My first thought is to say if you have to ask you most likely will not be able to understand it. If you are into wearing spandex swimwear designs man or woman and you like slinky sexy styles than there is no question you will understand why we do it. There are thousands of men that love wearing micro swimsuits and to many of us the smaller the better! My quest for many years now has been to create the world’s smallest men’s swimwear designs and I can say unequivocally that we manufacture the smallest suits for men on the planet. When it comes to micro swimsuits, we are in competition with ourselves but it is still an intense competition mainly because we are into wearing these designs ourselves. All that was just the build up to what this post is all about. We have a new swimsuit coming out call the Micro Penis Maker G-string and it will be the smallest non-feminizing bulge style design on the planet. It is a penis form style shaped pouch but on such a micro level that it can be used in public as like many of our micro swimsuits we now offer. This design is based on the Koalaswim make penis maker sleeve which is a device for men looking to make their penises smaller. It allows the wearer to get down as small as ½” which is amazing for a grown man and is a fantastic penis size if you are looking to wear micro swimwear styles. This new suit design capitalizes on the amazingly small penis sizes these men are getting and the new suit can be used with or without the Micro Penis Maker sleeve. The bulge style to the suit is incredibly small and the main reason for that is there are two pouches. One for the extremely tiny penis and one for the testicles. The suit is fully adjustable unlike most micro swimsuits and the testicles can be pulled back, down and under between the legs so the bulge showing will cause many people to take a double look not believing what they are seeing. Since everything is covered this suit should be legal on most beaches throughout the world. My home beach is Venice here in Los Angeles and I have used a prototype of the design a number of times with fantastic feedback from other micro swimwear wearers both male and female!