Testing the Waters with Micro Swimsuits


I tried wearing a micro swimsuit to the beach one time, and it didn’t go over too well. It wasn’t that I didn’t look good in my micro because I most certainly did. But the people that were on the beach had never seen anything like that before when it came to swimwear. I was only on the beach for about five minutes before people around me started to complain about what I was wearing. At first, I was scared that I was going to get arrested or something, but it turned out that it was perfectly legal for me to wear that micro on that particular beach.

That didn’t stop all the people from telling me that I needed to change out of my micro swimsuits and into something more appropriate, though. Even after the cops came up and told them that there was nothing they could do about me wearing a micro in public, the people still didn’t think I should be allowed to walk down the beach. A part of me can understand why they would feel that way, but it still isn’t right for them to assume there is something wrong with me because I like wearing a micro.


I haven’t worn my men’s micro swimsuits to the beach since that day although I am hoping that I will be able to again someday. I know people aren’t used to seeing things like this; at least where I live they aren’t. However, it won’t be too long before these micros are all the rage. Until then, I will have to settle for wearing other types of swimwear to the beach; swimsuits that people are going to accept no matter how awful I feel they make me look. But once I start seeing other guys wearing micros, I am going right back out there in one of mine so that I can finally enjoy the sun the way I have always wanted to.

Trying Out Micro Swimsuits


If you think your swimsuit might be too small to take out to the beach, then you haven’t seen the micro swimsuits that are all the rage these days. I have seen plenty of guys walking around in these things and it amazes me that someone on this planet decided to create a design like this. I would have been afraid that no one would ever wear something this small and that would have been the end of my business. But apparently, these micros are so exciting that I hardly ever see guys wearing traditional swimwear anymore. At least not around where I live. It might be different for you if you live in a small town somewhere.

I am sure that not all men throughout the world are wearing micro swimsuits or even know what they are. However, the guys in my area seem to have gotten the memo about them. I saw a whole group of guys wearing them just the other day and it made me think that I might be missing out on something here. I would never wear something that small to the beach, but I don’t think I would mind wearing one in the bedroom for that special someone in my life. In fact, that is the reason that I went ahead and bought one in the first place.

I can understand why guys love wearing these micro swimsuits although you really have to have a decent body for them. I look decent in mine, but I know that I would probably upset a lot of people by wearing it out in public. I’m not overweight or anything, but I’m not exactly all that fit, either. I would definitely have to spend some time at the gym in order to feel comfortable wearing a micro in public. I’m pretty sure that is what the guys around here do on a regular basis, too, as they look awesome in their micros.

Ways for Obese Men to Wear Micro Swimsuits


Almost everyone who has ever seen grossly overweight men wearing micro swimsuits know that this is not a sight for most people. In fact, a visual experience such as this might just scar someone for life. Therapists have most likely made quite a bit of money off of patients that have been exposed to such a horrifying sight. You might wonder how it is that so many obese men are seen in public wearing a micro. The simple fact is that many of these men do not consider themselves to be unattractive. If you can reach back into your memory a bit, you might remember the character of Fat Bastard in the Austin Powers movie. A more disgusting creature never existed, yet he continued to remind everyone around him that he was “dead sexy.”


So, for all of those morbidly obese men out there who are determined to wear micro swimsuits, you should know that there are options for you that allow you to feel that you are sexy while also protecting the public at large from having their eyeballs seared with a nightmarish image. One of those options that is highly recommended is wearing these micros in your own bedroom. It is possible that your partner is quite taken with larger men and would love nothing more than to see you in something of this nature. Dance and prance around your very own boudoir all you want! This lets you have some fun while giving the rest of the world a break.

Another option for wearing micro swimsuits when you are so huge that you should never be seen even partially nude in public is to simply use them as underwear. Just imagine how much fun it would be to walk around on the city streets and in your office knowing that you are wearing these naughty little garments. The best part is that no one will ever know! Now, doesn’t that go a long way to keeping both you and other easily offended people happy? In this way, you can wear your micros as much as you want without exposing any undue horrors on the population.

Be Smart about Wearing Micro Swimsuits


When it comes to wearing micro swimsuits, men should be smart about it. There are a lot of rules that tend to come along with wearing something of this nature and you need to be aware of just what they are before prancing outside in one of these tiny suits. For one thing, you will find that there are more beaches that refuse to allow this type of swimwear to be worn by the visitors than there are those that do allow it. Obviously, clothing optional beaches don’t care what sort of swimsuit you wear because these are the places that are perfectly fine with their visitors wearing nothing at all. So rule number one is to check the beach that you are intending to visit to see if there is a code of some sort.

Next, a man wearing micro swimsuits needs to have a certain body type. This should be something that is obvious to everyone, but you would be amazed at the number of obese and completely out of shape guys that somehow have a very different visual of themselves in their heads. These are the men that waddle onto the beach in a micro that no one can even see because it is all covered up with flab. It is astounding that these men could even find a micro in their size. Of course most of these men simply squeeze as much ass and belly into the suits as possible and go on their merry way. Therefore, rule number two is to make sure that you have done some body sculpting before you expose yourself to the public at large.


Finally, before you decide to start wearing men’s micro swimsuits, be sure that you have done the needed amount of manscaping to your body. The next most disgusting thing that people do not want to see besides a lot of naked flab bouncing around is a fur garden growing from each side of the swimsuit crotch. Now you don’t have to get your chest and underarms waxed. But please think of those people on the beach before you ignore the fact that you might just have a raccoon look going on at your crotch. Shave the hair that is unsightly and give the public a break. If you can remember all of these simple rules, your micro experience should be a very positive one.

Micro Swimsuits for Confident Men


If you are familiar what micro swimsuits actually are, then you probably understand that only the most confident of men can successfully wear them. The men that you will see strutting along the water’s edge at the beach in these swimsuits are most likely in top physical shape and have invested in some sort of hair removal system. In short, they are the men that you want to see wearing this sort of swimwear, and are perfect specimens for something of this nature. With their muscled bodies oiled and gleaming in the sun, it is hard to resist these sexy, confident men.


No models today just me in a micro swimsuit

New styles 2013 013

Men with the confidence to wear micro swimsuits understand what it means to keep themselves fit and trim. They are very self-aware and want others to appreciate the hard work that they have put into keeping bodies that both men and women want to touch. Many of them do not want to stop at merely touching. They want to go so much further with these men. That is one of the many advantages of wearing micros. Not very much is hidden and it is, more or less, pretty clear what these men have to offer. That is another reason that confident men proudly sport micros. These guys know that they are hot and they know just how they are making other people feel. It is something that they love.

Micro swimsuits should not really be worn by men who are out of shape; do not understand good grooming habits, or who are painfully shy. That is what is so sad about that last group. Many men who are that shy might also have decent bodies that would look great in micros. They just do not have the courage to appear in public wearing one. Occasionally, a few shy men will slip into micros and the experience will help them to gain confidence because of all the positive attention. Otherwise, it is typically the Adonis looking men that gain the most.

Micro Swimsuits for Exceptionally Endowed Men


Micro swimsuits have been gaining in popularity in recent years. More and more men all over the world are indulging in this type of swimwear. Those men that already resemble Greek gods have been appearing in public for a very long time while wearing these tiny swimsuits. They know that they look awesome and they are happy to share their awesomeness with the world. Other men that need some body work tend to shy away from something so small, opting instead, for more ordinary types of swimsuits such as briefs or trunk styles.

Then there are those men who carry around exceptionally impressive packages. They have been hesitant to slip into micro swimsuits because they are nervous about their manhood escaping from the undersized crotch. In all honesty, this actually might be a viable concern for some men. Certainly when you think back to such men as the late porn actor John Holmes, you can probably see where this would have been a problem for him. Then, again, not many men are as large as John was so this is not a universal issue. Today, however, even men with larger than ordinary penises are able to wear these ultra-small swimsuits.

The reason that men of all shapes and sizes can now wear micro swimsuits is because the designers of today have become more aware of how to fashion one of these marvelously seductive swimsuits in sizes that will accommodate any man, no matter what size his penis may be. When you take the time to search on websites that cater to mens swimwear, you will find just how varied the styles and designs are. You will most likely agree that these swimsuits are not your grandfather’s. Men of today are meant to be sexy and encouraging as in showing off as much bare body as possible. That is the beauty of the micros. They can accomplish everything at once.

Bodies Need Extra Care to Wear Micro Swimsuits


For those men in the world that are well-groomed and obviously take excellent care of their bodies, micro swimsuits are something like an answer to a prayer. That prayer, of course, is for something that will allow them to show off just how hot they are in public without being arrested for indecent exposure. Micros do seem to accomplish this desire for most men but being able to wear these special swimsuits does not come without a cost. However, that cost isn’t really a lot when you think about everything that it brings to you. Basically, it requires money to buy the swimsuits and pay for whatever workout sessions requires of you. The other thing it requires is your time.

The time, in this case, is spent of the extra care and grooming that your body needs if you are going to successfully wear micro swimsuits. While you may be moaning and groaning over this at the moment, it may be useful for you to know just how many men have turned those little investments into something utterly remarkable. By the time you have spent any necessary money on workout clothes, equipment or gym memberships along with the time that you will need to devote to manscaping, you will find that you are more than ready to purchase that first micro suit. It will become quite apparent the first time that you stand in front of your full length mirror modeling that swimsuit that all of that time and money you invested into yourself has definitely paid off for you.


Once you have trimmed, toned, and tanned your body as well as shaved it in all of the necessary areas, it is time to do a little shopping so that you can choose the best micro swimsuits to flatter you. That will be the fun and easy part of the entire process. Just get out your credit card, sit down with your computer, and start browsing websites that sell quality micros. In no time, you will be sitting back and greatly anticipating the arrival of those special swimsuits that you have just purchased.

Taking a Chance with Micro Swimsuits


Most of the male population today is pretty comfortable with swimming trunks and bikinis when they are ready to have some fun in the surf and sun. What they may not have been introduced to are micro swimsuits. On the revealing level, these fall somewhere between bikinis and Gstrings. Of course, the thong might also be thrown in there, too, as it covers a good deal of the front part of a man’s body but not so much the backside. The thing about micros is that they can be some of the sexiest garments that you will ever put on your body and that is always a great thing, especially when you are trying to gain some romantic and lustful attention from others.

Just about every man on the planet has, at one time or another, wished that they were brave enough to try out some men’s micro swimsuits. It is truthful to say that those men who do manage to step out onto a public beach or around a resort swimming pool while wearing micros do get lots of attention. Unless they happen to look rather out of shape, most of that attention is quite positive. Imagine all of those people staring at you lustfully and longingly while you are strolling by them wearing your micro. It is like nothing you have ever experienced, as you will see as soon as complete strangers begin walking up to you and handing you their phone numbers.

However, none of that is ever going to happen for you as long as you are afraid to take a chance on wearing micro swimsuits out in public. It is time to have a little fun and branch out some. Otherwise, you will never know that feeling of being so openly desired by total strangers. It is certainly worth the effort to try at least once. If you find that it simply does not work for you, then you never have to do it again. But at least you can say you tried.


Tips to Wearing Micro Swimsuits


When you decide to wear micro swimsuits out on the beach, there are a couple of things that you will want to keep in mind. Not every guy has the common sense to realize these little tips so I am going to help you out a bit by telling you the most important aspects of these swimsuits so that you will be prepared. Just remember, every guy has done these at least once in his life when switching to a new swimsuit design. So don’t feel like you have failed completely if you aren’t paying much attention.

The first thing to remember about micro swimsuits is that they are rather small. Since they are so small, they tend to show off exactly what you have to offer inside of them. This means that if your cock is overly small or overly large people are going to notice it right away. The smaller the cock the more you are going to look like a woman walking around without a top on. I have this issue myself and it’s not all that fun to have people pointing and snickering at you when you are walking by trying to enjoy the sun.


Another thing about micro men’s swimsuits that you should remember is that they ride rather low on the body. The size and way they fit makes it necessary for you to do whatever you have to do to take care of that unruly body hair. It only takes a few minutes to make sure you are looking your best when wearing something like this so take that time. You will definitely see an improvement in the kind of attention you are getting if you don’t look like you are smuggling water buffaloes in your swimsuits. I have had this issue before as well if you haven’t guessed already and it only had to happen to me once.

Changing Micro Swimsuits


Micro swimsuits have made a huge change in the way guys are looking at swimwear this year. I know they have been around for a while, but I have never seen the designs that are coming out for this summer in the past. At least, I haven’t seen anyone on the beach wearing these kinds of designs, and that is the main reason I have chosen to buy a bunch of them. Just in case people start throwing fits about guys wearing something like this and they end up having to stop making them. I don’t really see that happening, though, so I think all you guys that have bought them are safe.


I just want to be in on all the fun when the world starts seeing these new micro swimsuits coming out into the public eye later on. I think most people are going to be a bit curious as to what they are, but probably won’t say anything about them. I think there will be plenty of people that will absolutely hate the idea of seeing guys walking around in something like this but, over time, they will accept it just like everything else in life. After all, it wasn’t all that long ago that women could wear bikinis in public, either.

Just thinking about these men’s micro swimsuits has me wanting to put one on and head off to the beach. That might be something I can do in the morning as it is actually rather late and walking around in the dark in a micro probably wouldn’t get me the attention that I am looking for. At least I don’t think it would give me the attention since there wouldn’t be too many people out there wanting to see a guy walking around dressed like that. They might actually think that I was some kind of crazy loon wandering around lost or something. On the other hand, they might mistake me for a prostitute and that wouldn’t be good at all.