Grooming for Micro Swimsuits


Micro swimsuits seem to be all the rage these days and with good reason. Those tiny little swimsuits allow men to show off just about everything they have and then some. Now women and men alike can drool over some amazingly toned, tanned torsos, muscled arms, tight ass cheeks, and legs that make you want to lick them from ankle to thigh. A swimsuit of this kind only hides the bare essentials, so to speak, and leaves the rest open for people to adore. What could be better than that?


Actually, there IS something that could take away from micro swimsuits and that is the men wearing them that have no clue of how to groom their bodies first. Seriously, when you think about it; you know that you have seen more than one man sporting a micro with hair sticking out of the crotch of it. There is something just so icky about that, especially when it looks as if the man has a shrubbery garden growing out of his pubic area. It can be positively frightening. Now, grooming for a micro does not have to necessarily include shaving armpits, chest, and legs because there is something about chest and underarm hair that can make men seem so, well, manly! But the crotch hair has got to go!

That is why it is important for men to take a moment and do some manscaping before hitting the public while wearing their micro swimsuits. Either remove or leave other body hair as you please just as long as you do something about the pubic hair. Yes, it might be some trouble getting rid of it the first time you try, but at least you won’t have others pointing at you and giggling while you walk the beach. Besides, less pubic hair makes your penis seem longer. That is always something to take into consideration.


The Impact of Micro Swimsuits


Whenever I wear my micro swimsuits to the beach, I notice that everyone out there tends to look in my direction. That never happens when I wear any other type of swimwear that I own. Even the really erotic ones that I can get away with wearing in public won’t turn as many heads as my micro designs will. It has really shown me just how much people have gotten used to seeing all those other types of swimwear in public. I am sure that, one day, they will get used to seeing micros as well but, until then, I will be happy to enjoy the attention that I am getting.

I never really thought that my micro swimsuits would be the thing that ended up getting attention when I first started wearing them. I have seen plenty of other guys out and about wearing them all the time and they don’t seem to get as much attention as I do. I figured that it would just be another style of swimwear that everyone would end up ignoring like they have everything else I have worn. But the first day I wore them to the beach, I was actually stopping people as they stared at my swimwear.


I still tend to stop people when they pass by me and I am wearing my men’s micro swimwear, which I actually enjoy. I feel like people are checking me out and approving whenever I see them smiling in my direction. This kind of attention is probably why I haven’t really started looking at any other designs online, but I already have plenty of other styles that I don’t really need to anyway. I do need more micros, though, as I am starting to think people are recognizing the ones that I have been wearing. After all, I do like to keep things as fresh as I possibly can.


Micro Swimsuits and the Right Body


I have seen a few micro swimsuits in person lately and I think they could really catch on with some people. I know that there are going to be guys around the world that will never wear anything like that in public, although I think minds could be changed before too long. I also know that there is a good portion of the male population that probably shouldn’t be wearing anything like this in public. Of course, they will try nonetheless. I don’t blame them for wanting to wear a micro, but I do wish they would have the decency not to force others to look at them.

I guess it was a bit rude of me to suggest there were guys that shouldn’t be wearing micro swimsuits in public. But the truth is I don’t want to see a 600 pound dude walking down the beach in something that probably wouldn’t even be visible to the majority of people looking in his direction. If he wants to wear it around his own house or something; that is fine with me. If he wants to get into shape and lose all that weight, then wear a micro in public; more power to him.

I think if you are going to be wearing men’s micro swimsuits in public, you should have a decent body. I know that I don’t have a body good enough to wear something like this in public and, therefore, I won’t be subjecting people to it. I am not naïve enough to think that I could wear something like this and have everyone following me around wanting to take pictures and be my friend. It is more likely that people would want me to put something on to cover up my body. That is the truth, and I think more guys should be willing to accept that truth in their lives as well. On the other hand, if your body is one that should be shared with the general public; you should have more than one micro available.

Wearing Micro Swimsuits


I love wearing my micro swimsuits around the house, but I don’t think that I am ready to take them out in public just yet. I have a feeling that the people where I live will not understand what I am wearing and they will force me to wear something else. These people aren’t the most liberal when it comes to things of this nature, after all. I have seen one guy forced to change out of a Speedo because someone thought it showed too much of his body. I don’t want something like that to happen to me, but it is the only beach in my area where I can wear my swimsuit in public.


I have friends online that get to wear their men’s micro swimsuits out to the beach all the time and they keep telling me how great it is. I hate that I have to miss out on stuff like that, but it’s not like I can afford to move or anything. I will have to stick with wearing mine around the house for now and hope that these people can open their minds up a little bit before I get too old.

I did get the chance to wear my micro swimsuit on a beach when I went for vacation. It rained the entire time I was there, though, so I pretty much just sat around the hotel room in them instead. I guess having a change of view was nice. Other than that, it was just another day in my micro for me. I really do envy those guys that get to wear theirs out in public and enjoy the sun. Maybe I can gather up the courage to sit out in my backyard sometime and get a tan while wearing one of my micros. That might actually go a long way towards getting others to open their minds about my swimwear. Besides, as long as I’m sitting my own backyard, no one can really say anything to me about it.

Scouting Locations for Micro Swimsuits


I haven’t really seen too many micro swimsuits on men out and about this year. I figured there would be a lot of guys wearing them since they are all over the internet. But apparently the beach that I go to is a little bit behind in the times. I have seen a handful of Speedos walking around but that is about as erotic as it has gotten so far. I really had hoped that there would be a group of guys walking down the beach wearing a micro or two and showing the world that all men can be sexy if they really want to be.

I thought about wearing my own men’s micro swimsuits to the beach, but I don’t want to be the only one out there wearing one. I want to see some guys walking around in micros myself so that I can get an idea of what designs they are wearing. Of course the beach that I go to may not even allow designs like that to be worn in the first place. Maybe that is why I haven’t seen any guys walking around in them yet. They might be just getting to the beach and being told that they have to change into something more conservative.


I guess I could start checking out the other beaches in the area to see if there are any guys wearing micro swimsuits there or not. If I do find that there are guys wearing these swimsuits on other beaches, then I just might have to start changing where I spend more of my time. I want to be able to walk in the sand and show off my body in my micro. However, if my beach isn’t allowing me to do that, then why should I keep going there? It is time I started looking for somewhere I can go so that I can enjoy myself every time I leave the house.

Insure that Micro Swimsuits are Allowed at your Beach


I love wearing micro swimsuits to the beach although there are some people that aren’t too fond of them. I found out that little detail the hard way while I was trying to find a new beach to visit. The people on the first two beaches I tried were absolutely furious that I was wearing something that skimpy in front of them. I tried laughing it off at first, but the beach patrol guys informed me that there were dress rules and I wasn’t anywhere close to being within those rules. They were nice enough to point me to other beaches, though, which I thought was cool.

The beach that I go to know has a few people that don’t necessarily like the men’s micro swimsuits that I like to wear, but there is nothing they can do about that. The dress codes say that I can wear them as long as nothing slips out and people can see it. Since I wear really tight micro suits; that will never happen. Although I did have a close call when I got an erection while lying in the sun, but I had a towel handy that I could cover up with until it went away.

If you are interested in wearing micro swimsuits; make sure you have somewhere you can take them. Don’t just assume that since they are swimwear designs that you can wear them to whatever beach that strikes your fancy. You will more than likely end up in a lot of trouble if you aren’t careful. I was lucky enough to find beaches that other guys like me had tried to wear their micros on so the beach patrol guys knew how to handle the situation. You might not be as lucky if you just run onto a beach and insist on showing off some of the sexiest swimwear ever created by man. That’s why it is always smart to scope out things ahead of time.


All About Micro Swimsuits


If you haven’t seen the new micro swimsuits, then you are going to the wrong beach. These things are absolutely fantastic and most of the guys that I have seen wearing them beyond hot in them. I have seen a couple guys that I thought were completely naked walking down a public beach, but it turned out they were only wearing micros. I really think guys that big should think twice before taking them out in public. On the other hand, if they are okay with it, then I guess I should be, too. Thankfully, there are plenty of really sexy men wearing them that it balances out fairly well.

I have a couple micro swimsuits myself, but I haven’t gotten up the courage to wear them out in public just yet. I don’t want people laughing at me because they think I shouldn’t be wearing something this skimpy in public I guess. I am sure that one of these days I will feel comfortable enough to wear them out in public, but I’m not going to push it just yet. I will just have to be happy with wearing them while I get the best tan in the world out in my back yard.

_DSC4661 Men’s male to female transformation swimsuit

I did have a bit of an issue with picking out my first micro swimsuits design, though, and I feel I should tell other guys that might be interested in ordering something like this. It may look extremely small in pictures online, but the micro men’s designs have more than enough room for most men. I ended up ordering one that I thought was big enough for me and it turned out to be a bit baggy in the areas that it shouldn’t have been. Keep this in mind when you start thinking about ordering one for yourself. You don’t want a baggy micro hanging around your waist. It isn’t very flattering at all and that isn’t the opinion that you want to leave people with when you walk away.

Micro Swimsuits for a Younger You

I love swimwear but these men’s micro swimsuits seem to be taking it a bit too far in my book. Why would any guy want to wear something that is basically a small sock wrapped around his cock and a couple strings holding it on? It doesn’t make sense to me and I question the morals of any guy that would want to wear something like that out in public. Of course that is exactly what I was thinking right before I tried on my very first micro. Now I have about twelve pairs of micros in my dresser and no one can tell me they don’t look sexy.

I think about the first time I ever saw guys wearing micro swimsuits and how my reaction was and laugh. I can’t believe I was so uncomfortable with seeing guys wearing something that is insanely exciting to wear. Now that I have worn micros of differing designs, I can honestly say that I was a complete fool all those years ago. I am glad that I was finally able to open my eyes and see the world for what it is; a place to explore and have as much fun as possible. I just wished I had known that before I got too old to do anything about it.

My micro swimsuits may not be the sexiest ones you can buy, at least not the ones that I wear to the beach, but they are still fun to wear. I am an older man and I do get a lot of looks when I walk through the sand. But most of the time people are complimenting me on the way that I look especially when they find out just how old I am. Everyone says I look at least thirty years younger than I truly am and that always makes an old fart like me feel good. Maybe a micro can make you look and feel younger, too.


Koala new suits 2013 008

Micro Swimsuits to Hide Flaws

Micro Swimsuits to Hide Flaws

A lot of the micro swimsuits that I have been seeing around the beach lately have been extraordinary to say the least. I never knew that guys could look so good wearing something so small in public. Thankfully, the beach that I like to go to allows guys to wear things like this. I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like if I couldn’t sit and gaze at all the sexy swimsuits that are available these days. I would probably be tired of going to the beach altogether and end up staying home all the time if that were the case.

I have thought about buying my own men’s micro swimsuits, but I’m not sure I would feel comfortable with showing that much of my body off to strangers. I am one of those guys that doesn’t like getting into the shower with the lights on most of the time. It’s not that I don’t look good or anything, but I am extremely self-conscious about my body. I always think that everyone else is looking at all the problem areas that I readily notice every day. So wearing something this small in public would be a stretch for me even on a good day.


I do love the new micro swimsuits designs that are coming out, though. I love how they form fit the body and make it look like the swimsuit is actually part of the body instead of fabric hiding things from view. Maybe I will just buy one and wear it around the house. I would love to see what it would feel like to have something like this on. I may not go outside with it on, but I am sure that I could enjoy it nonetheless. I might even gain enough confidence to try it out in the backyard once or twice. After that, who knows what might be possible?

Discovering the Pleasures of Micro Swimsuits


I have heard about micro swimsuits in the past, but I had no idea what they were. In fact, I didn’t understand why they called them micro until I actually saw a guy wearing one. I figured it had something to do with the type of material that it was made from or something. As it turns out, though, it is called micro because it is really small. I wasn’t even sure how that guy was able to get himself into that small ass swimsuit. I just knew that he was going to cough or sneeze and his cock would rip through the front of it like the Hulk breaking through his clothes.

Thankfully, nothing like that happened, but it did get me interested in men’s micro swimsuits. I wanted to know more about them and the best place to learn anything these days is online. I figured I would have to search through a bunch of sites to find some more information about them but that didn’t happen. There were way more sites available dealing with these swimwear designs that I ever could have imagined possible. It was a mind boggling experience to say the least.

All that happened a few months ago and now I have a rather large collection of micro swimsuits. I could wear a different one every day for a month if I really wanted to and I am perfectly okay with that. I love the way these tiny little things fit and how they make my body look. I don’t get out to the beach as often as I would like, but I still wear them around the house after work. I probably look like a freak to anyone that walks by my window at night, but I don’t care. I have never felt as comfortable in my life as I do when I am wearing my micro designs and that is really saying something.