Micro Swimsuits Enhance Popularity


If you are looking to show off your body in all its wonderful glory, then you have to look at the micro swimsuits that are available these days. No other swimwear design on the market will show off your body like these micros will. Well, there are the sex based designs, but you probably won’t be allowed to wear them out in public. Getting your hands on a micro is fairly easy and you can immediately start strutting around on the beach getting the attention you know you are craving. That is what I have done and I couldn’t be happier about it.

There was a time when I had no friends and no one wanted to talk to me out in public. But once I started wearing these men’s micro swimsuits to the beach, I had people coming up to me all the time. They all wanted to know about my swimsuit and those conversations ended up leading to numerous friends and invites to various parties. Now I am one of the most popular guys on my local beach and I owe it all to these fantastic designs. Just make sure you get one that fits properly, though. I made that mistake once and learned the hard way from it.

You can go out and purchase any kind of swimwear you want, but only the micro swimsuits will get you this kind of attention. People have seen Speedos and shorts for decades and even the newer designs are basically the same thing. However, the micro designs are something that a lot of people haven’t seen yet. Get in on the ground floor and start setting the trend for the sexiest swimwear ever created. Once every other guy starts wearing them, you will have to move on to something new but, for now, you will be the one everyone is paying extra attention to. That’s what it is all about anyway, right?


Roomy Micro Swimsuits


I tried on one of those micro swimsuits the other day and was shocked that I could fit in it. I know it’s a micro, but I swear there is more room in it than any of my other swimwear designs. You see, I have a rather large cock. Some have even called it a monster and I never would have thought that I could get something that big into something that small. Even my partner said there was no way I could pack that big of a cock into that small of a swimsuit. At least, that is what he was saying right before I walked out of the bathroom in my micro.

I don’t know if I would be comfortable wearing these micro swimsuits out in public, though. I could just see trying to take a step and having the head of my monster cock popping out the side. Or twisting while playing Frisbee and having a testicle pop out. I think I would probably end up scaring everyone within twenty feet if something like that were to happen. My partner said that he would take video of it and keep it on his phone for when he was bored at work.

I know that they make bigger men’s micro swimsuits specifically for guys that have cocks as big as mine, but I feel that defeats the purpose of calling them micro. I mean, the rest of the swimsuit is small enough, but the pouch in the front would have to be pretty massive. I will stick to wearing my micro under my pants while I am out on a date with my partner or around the house for now. One of these days I might decide to brave the great outdoors with it, but I think keeping it private is probably a good thing for now.



Preparing to Wear Micro Swimsuits


I adore wearing my men’s micro swimsuits but I haven’t tried taking them out in public just yet. I think most people would not appreciate seeing me walking around in my micro designs. It’s not that I am a bad looking guy or anything, but I really don’t have much down there to fill even a micro. I think a lot of people would compare me to some kind of flat chested woman walking around without a top on or something. I would hope that they didn’t see me that way, but I have to live with the truth that I have a rather small penis.

I do enjoy wearing my micro swimsuits around my own pool whenever I get the chance. Most of my friends already know how small I am so when they come over and see me, they don’t really say anything. My neighbor tends to stare a lot, but I think it’s more that he is jealous because I am willing to wear something like this. At least that is what I keep telling myself so that I don’t get too paranoid about him looking over my fence all the time. I suppose you never really know what’s in someone’s mind, though.

Wearing micro swimsuits is something that a lot of guys are able to do and they look great in them. I don’t feel comfortable walking around in front of strangers just yet, but I am doing everything in my power to get that way. I want to strut my stuff down the beach and have people notice me, but it might take me a bit of time before I am ready for all of that. Until then, I will continue to wear my micro around my own pool and enjoy them when no one of any importance if actually looking at me. It will help me build the confidence I need.



Ultra micro swimsuit. This is the world’s smallest men’s swimsuit micro pouch. The suits design actually forces the balls inside the body and holds them in place. The shaft is compressed down to it’s smallest possible size. This model as an 8″ shaft but compressed it looks well under 1″ in size.

Are You Ready for Micro Swimsuits?


Micro swimsuits are still a relatively new phenomenon in various parts of the world, but for those men who have grown used to them; they have become a regular part of their summer wardrobe. For other men, there is nothing that can persuade them to even take the micros for a test run. Most of the time, the reason for that mindset is that these guys don’t feel as if they have decent bodies that would micros would flatter. After all, these are swimsuits that do not cover up a lot. This means that if you are a guy that has some overhanging flab somewhere on your body, chances are good that you won’t gravitate to the micros.

Of course none of that means you should at least give these micro swimsuits a try. Just make sure that you have tried them on in the privacy of your own bedroom and looked into a mirror before heading out to the beach. Another thing you need to realize is that wearing these micros can be upsetting for the public in general no matter what your personal body style might be. Even those guys that are extremely fit and trim might offend a few people on the beach by wearing something so small.

You have to weigh out the pros and cons of wearing micro swimsuits before going in public. But you can always just wear them around the house or your own pool and not worry about any of it. It really is up to you on how far you are willing to go to be happy. If you want the excitement and pleasure of wearing some of the sexiest swimwear ever created, then it doesn’t really matter all that much does it? As long as you are happy, then wearing something like this shouldn’t be about anything else.


Finding the Best Places to Wear Micro Swimsuits


Micro swimsuits have become rather popular in recent years all over the world, and what’s not to like? They allow well-built men to show off their assets as well as those guys that simply want to display some hard work that they have undertaken to make their bodies the best they could be. Unfortunately, there are some places out there that don’t think guys walking around in a micro swimsuit is the best thing to see. It usually has more to do with modesty codes than anything else, but people are starting to see the benefits of wearing something like this.

If you are new to an area and you want to know where you can wear your micro swimsuits, the best bet is to call the local beach or parks and rec office to see what kind of dress codes they have. Some places will be a bit more lenient than others. Or you could just go hang out at some of these places and see what other guys are wearing. In the end, you might find that this is much easier than trying to explain the style or design of your swimwear.

If you aren’t at all interested in wearing your micro swimsuits out in public where people can see you; keep them at home and enjoy them. You can always throw a pool party or something in your own backyard and invite people that you would love to show your swimsuits off to. In fact, you could end up making it a monthly event and give prizes to the best micro that shows up. Wherever you decide to wear your swimsuit, just make sure that you are having as much fun as you possibly can. If you aren’t having fun while wearing something like this, then there is no point in having it on.


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Show off in Micro Swimsuits


If you are looking for something that will really show off your cock, then you might want to think about wearing micro swimsuits. Now, I know you are thinking that you couldn’t possibly wear something like that out in public but, once you get used to the way they fit, you will want to display them every chance you get. I wasn’t so sure about fitting into something that small, either but, after a few minutes of wearing it around the house, I wanted to head out to the beach. Thankfully, there are a lot of people at my beach that love seeing guys walking around in something sexy like this.

I could imagine what it would be like to see a guy wearing micro swimsuits for the first time if no one had ever worn anything like that. I would probably think there was something wrong with them at first. But, after wearing a swimsuit like this, I can understand why guys would love them so much. While they do show off everything you have, in a very good way I might add; they also cover things up so that you aren’t going to get in trouble. That is something that is extremely important to me and to all men.

I will tell you that wearing micro swimsuits for the first time is a bit uncomfortable if you aren’t used to snug clothing. By snug, I mean extremely small and confining. However, after a few hours, you will like the way they feel. It’s almost like you are completely naked to a certain extent. In fact, I have to look down every now and then to make sure that I still have my swimsuit on. Although I am sure that everyone on the beach would be more than happy to point out that I was no longer wearing my swimsuit if the need ever arose, I prefer to take preventive measures for something like that.



Micro swimsuits for men

I love wearing micro swimsuits to the beach. The smaller the better. I have a wonderful collection of micro swimsuits including bikinis, thongs, G-strings, pouch only swimsuits, micro shorts, male enhancement swimwear designs and even a handful of male to female transformation style swimsuits. I can’t wait to share my hot model photos, latest info about new designs, the hottest swimwear parties, the best beaches and even a few shots of me wearing my favorite swimwear design. Please send in your photos and stores so we can all share them!

Men’s swimwear has never been so much fun.


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