Men’s minimal coverage swimwear versus micro swimwear designs

Men’s minimal coverage swimwear versus micro swimwear designs.  

Is there a difference between men’s minimal coverage swimwear and men’s micro swimwear? that depends on who you are talking to since most men do not know the difference between the two but there are real differences between them. Before we get deep into what makes a swimsuit a men’s minimal coverage swimwear design and what makes a suit a micro design let us talk about the things both genres have in common. Both minimal styles and micro styles feature spandex form fitting construction that is designed to show off the male form though with both minimal and micro style swimsuits there are also feminizing styles aka male to female transformation designs. There are men’s minimal coverage swimwear styles designed to center around the male bulge and there are minimal designs that offer the same feature. Both style strive to be comfortable all-day suits though when you get to some of the ultra-micro designs they are not quite as comfortable as the minimal cut swimwear designs. Both minimal and micro styles can be found as G-string, bikini, thong, transformation and male form pouch designs. Both styles show a lot of skin, and you can get either style in a design that shows most if not all of your exposed rear if you wish. You can find plug powered options in both design camps, but you will find more of them in men’s minimal coverage swimwear designs. Many men have a diverse collection of swimsuits featuring samples from each of these two types and like myself will keep a minimal suit on hand just in case the micro I am wearing is a little too risqué for the beach, hotel or public pool I am at.  There is one other common feature both micro and minimal bulge style suits offer and that is compression. There are those of us that want to wear a bulge style pouch, but we want our bulges to be small, sometimes extremely small and the only way to do that is with a compression style bulge pouch. At the time of this blog post I would say that compression style bulge pouches are by far the most favored design feature that men are looking for when shopping for a micro or minimal bulge style suit whether it is a bikini, thong or G-string. One other thing both men’s minimal coverage swimwear and Micro designs have in common is the wearer needs to be completely hair free down there since these styles show all the skin where hair normally is, so yes get ready to shave, laser or wax all your pubic hair away, it is necessary when wearing these beautiful little designs. These are some of the many things that micro swimwear and men’s minimal coverage swimwear have in common but there are many aspects of each of the design types that differentiate the designs. The obvious difference is the amount of coverage a minimal design gives you over a micro style swimsuit. Micro style suits fall into two categories micro and ultra-micro designs both of which would be the smallest suits most people would ever see if they spotted a man wearing one on the beach. An ultra-micro suit is as close to nude as you can come and in fact some of the designs like the Micro Penis Maker G-string are many ways more revealing than being nude, yet you are still legal wearing one at most pools, beaches, hotels and on vacations. This design shows the actual shape of the penis with balls compressed in one pouch and the shaft compressed and miniaturized in another. Though many men would feel humiliated to wear a swimsuit that makes their penis look like it is a baby cock, it is in fact one of most popular designs, with guys loving to be shown as small as possible this swimsuit is smaller than any suit you have ever seen a women wearing, this is a great example of an ultra-micro swimsuit, and the standard micro styles are not much larger. A great rule of thumb is that these designs will just barely cover your equipment and some of the designs incorporate bits and pieces of your manhood into the shapes of the pouches. Standard micro style swimsuits include the following: Pouches that are so small they just cover the outline of the penis and show the perineum area completely too. Another reason you would want to be completely hair free. A Brazilian wax would solve it all. There are micro style designs that are bikinis that cover rear with the front offering almost no coverage at all. You can find micro swimsuit fashions that are transformation designs which change the shape and look of the penis into a realistic vagina, this is a wildly fashionable design that has taken off in recent years now that gender neutral and binary people are coming out in droves. Now that we have touched upon Micro and Ultra-micro swimwear styles let us get into the guts of men’s minimal coverage swimwear. Minimal coverage swimsuits cover a large area of design but let us be clear that these are still exceedingly small swimsuits that would be consider risqué by many folks but are perfect by lover of spandex swimwear. There are people that feel a Speedo is too revealing and to put men’s minimal coverage swimwear in perspective this style suit would by a small fraction of the size of a Speedo and for that matter much smaller than most sexy bikinis too. Minimal means just barely covering the basics but unlike a micro swimsuit you do have real coverage. A minimal suit can take many forms it can be a men’s string bikini, it could be a bikini with spaghetti straps on the side, it can be sheer or semi sheer, it could have a thong or string rear too. When it comes to minimal style bikinis the pouches are almost always on the small side but some with feature male form pouches which are pouches cut in the shape of the penis which can be full size showing off a fully erect penis but more often it is a small compression style penis shaped pouch that makes you look smaller than you are. Rear cuts on the bikini can be from just slightly larger than a thong to full coverage and includes many that offer a scrunch butt rear that highlights the shape of your cheeks. There is a huge selection of men’s minimal coverage swimwear that features the male to female transformation designs and in fact when it comes to mtf styles minimal coverage is by far the most popular. It might sound a funny but the most popular of the mtf designs are the camel toe styles which completely erase the penis and use it to reshape into a lovely camel toe style vagina look. These suits have crossed over from crossdressers and transexuals to men that are looking to get in touch with their feminine side. Don’t be surprised to see people wearing these minimal designs at local beaches next season since they are popular options at many European vacation destinations, and you are already seeing these suits at the more progressive beaches throughout the USA.

Fling Micro Swimsuit

Micro swimsuits, the new king of micros

Micro swimsuits

I love the challenge of designing some of the world’s smallest micro swimsuits for men. My name is Michael David and I am the head designer at Koalaswim. We have put together a collection of men’s micro swimsuits unrivaled anywhere. One of the first questions I get from people is why? Why micro swimsuits and why for men? My first thought is to say if you have to ask you most likely will not be able to understand it. If you are into wearing spandex swimwear designs man or woman and you like slinky sexy styles than there is no question you will understand why we do it. There are thousands of men that love wearing micro swimsuits and to many of us the smaller the better! My quest for many years now has been to create the world’s smallest men’s swimwear designs and I can say unequivocally that we manufacture the smallest suits for men on the planet. When it comes to micro swimsuits, we are in competition with ourselves but it is still an intense competition mainly because we are into wearing these designs ourselves. All that was just the build up to what this post is all about. We have a new swimsuit coming out call the Micro Penis Maker G-string and it will be the smallest non-feminizing bulge style design on the planet. It is a penis form style shaped pouch but on such a micro level that it can be used in public as like many of our micro swimsuits we now offer. This design is based on the Koalaswim make penis maker sleeve which is a device for men looking to make their penises smaller. It allows the wearer to get down as small as ½” which is amazing for a grown man and is a fantastic penis size if you are looking to wear micro swimwear styles. This new suit design capitalizes on the amazingly small penis sizes these men are getting and the new suit can be used with or without the Micro Penis Maker sleeve. The bulge style to the suit is incredibly small and the main reason for that is there are two pouches. One for the extremely tiny penis and one for the testicles. The suit is fully adjustable unlike most micro swimsuits and the testicles can be pulled back, down and under between the legs so the bulge showing will cause many people to take a double look not believing what they are seeing. Since everything is covered this suit should be legal on most beaches throughout the world. My home beach is Venice here in Los Angeles and I have used a prototype of the design a number of times with fantastic feedback from other micro swimwear wearers both male and female!

Crazy Micro Swimsuits

Many men including I who are deeply into wearing spandex style micro swimsuits experiment with all sorts of styles. Personally, my go to beach micro swimsuits are all thongs and G-strings with a sprinkling of micro style shorts. I often wear the shorts over my very extreme swimsuit as a cover-up, but my micro shorts are much more extreme than normal shorts. They show a lot of ass and highlight my bulge or in the cage of femme style suits they showoff what appears to be a vagina. That last word catches a lot of men off guard, but the fact is many of the suits I wear have a femme front also known as male to female transformation designs. These designs are extremely popular with cross dressers and men who are in the process of transforming to female. The surprise is that there are many men both straight and gay that love wearing these designs too. They allow the wearing to get in touch with his feminine side unlike any other style of clothing you can wear and since the suits are designed to be used in public, they are that much more fun to wear. The newest of these styles are suits like Girl Talk and Girl’s Day. These are stunning thongs that will blow you away with how real the feminine effect is. No one will be able to tell you are anything but female down there. This is a huge change from the other suits I wear that are bulge style designs. These designs can highlight how small your bulge is something I enjoy and on the other end of the spectrum can make your bulge look large even if you are not. Personally, I prefer the micro bulge or feminine style fronts but on occasion I like to look like a real man with a nice large cock and these designs take good care of me.

These suits can all be seen at

How small can we go?

Micro Swimsuits

I have noticed that there are some guys out there that have been wearing micro swimsuits on the beach. It’s actually not all that difficult to notice either. These guys are wearing something that I would never have thought of as being swimwear, but they do look good in them. Now I may not look as good in something like that as they do but I am really curious about how they fit. I know they are small and don’t really hide all that much from the imagination, but this is something that I am really interested in trying out even if it is only once.

I have started looking around online for different micro swimsuits and found that they are much more common than I would have expected. I figured something like this would be rather difficult to find since it isn’t something too mainstream, but I was wrong. Apparently there are loads of guys out there wearing these things on beaches and whatnot. I can tell because of the number of designs that I ended up finding while I was doing my little search. I have only seen a few guys wearing them in my area but apparently there are even more of them out there in the world.

I guess it is a good thing that so many guys want to wear these micro swimsuits. If there weren’t any guys out there wearing them then I probably wouldn’t have started looking for one myself. Actually, I can guarantee that I wouldn’t have started looking for anything like this since I didn’t even know that they existed. But since I do know they exist, and I have spent enough time looking for my own design I feel that I am almost ready to take one of these micros out onto the beach to see what everyone else might think about it.

Koalaswim micro men’s swimsuit

Spandex Men’s Swimsuit

Spandex Men’s Swimsuit

I have been wanting to get a spandex men’s swimsuit for a while now, but I have a hard time with trying out new things in my life. I know that change is something that happens, and usually for the better, but it is still something that I don’t ever want to have to go through. My swimwear that I currently have is pretty old fashion and changing to something new is both exciting and terrifying to say the least. I want to try some of these designs out, but I don’t want to show off that much of my body even to myself which really seems odd to even say.

I have seen some guys out on the beach wearing new spandex men’s swimsuit designs lately and they all look so happy and carefree that I want to get involved in it as well. I know that it probably isn’t just about wearing swimwear on the beach that makes them look that happy with their lives, but having even the slightest amount of happiness would be good for me I think. I have no self-confidence when it comes to things like this so I’m a bit scared, but I think I am going to give it a shot and see what happens anyway.

The first thing I am going to have to do is look for the spandex men’s swimsuit that I think will work the best for me. I know that isn’t going to be an easy thing to do either since I don’t feel I have the body to actually pull something like this off. But I am going to spend as much time as I possibly can looking into these spandex designs so that I may get something that will actually do me some good. Then I will see about wearing that design to the beach and hopefully I will find the peace that all those other guys seem to have in their lives.

Micro swimsuits for men. Trying a new suit at the beach.

Micro Swimsuits

If you are tired of wearing normal swimwear to the beach and you want to show off your body like never before, why not look into wearing micro swimsuits? These amazing swimsuits will allow you to cover up just enough so that you are not getting into trouble while showing off as much as you can get away with. Nothing could be better than walking around in the sand knowing that everyone is looking at your body and wishing it was theirs. Although there are very few of them that would actually attempt to wear something this small out in public because they would be too shy to show that much of their body off.

I love wearing micro swimsuits in public especially with all the attention that I can get from doing so. Most people think that I should be wearing normal swimwear, but I think normal swimwear is overrated to the point of being boring. Everyone is wearing the same things to the beach and there is no fun in looking just like everyone else. I like being an individual while in public and this is the type of swimwear that will definitely allow you to do that. I might see a handful of guys wearing micro swimsuits in public when I go to the beach and I think that is a perfectly good ratio.

If there are too many guys wearing these micro designs in public, then I am going to have to step things up a bit and find something even more outrageous to wear. That is where things can get a bit sketchy. I have already been arrested once in the past because some idiot did not understand what it was that I was wearing, and I do not want to have to go through that again. But I most certainly will risk getting arrested if I find that there are too many guys stepping into my spotlight. The good news is that there are not that many guys in the world that could actually look as good as I do while wearing these micro designs.

String Bikini Bottoms

String Bikini Bottoms

There is a special little garment available these days for men. It is called string bikini bottoms. Guys who are very proud of their bodies jumped on board rather quickly when it came to these sexy little garments. One of the best things about string bikinis is that they have more than one use. That’s right! They can be worn as swimwear at various venues allowing such exposure to the human body. In addition, these bikinis can also serve as underwear. Men have found this style to be quite useful, especially if they happen to be swimmers and go straight to the water from work. They no longer need to leave work, go home, get changed and then head to their favorite swimming venues. Now, they can simply don their string bikinis and go to work knowing that they are all set for swimming later. Nothing could be handier and sexier, all at the same time.

Micro Swimsuits and me.

Micro Swimsuits

One thing I have learned about wearing micro swimsuits is that you really have to be careful if you are a larger sized man. I am not talking about a guy that happens to have a few extra pounds around the waist here, either. I mean being a bit larger in the crotch area. If you are not careful and end up getting the wrong size, then you will probably be popping out of that poor swimsuit right in front of everyone on the beach. Obviously, that is not the best thing to have happen in your life. I am speaking from experience on this, so you should probably pay attention to what I have to say. Although there was one guy there that seemed to enjoy what I was throwing out there, if you get my meaning.

I should probably say that was the first time I have ever worn micro swimsuits and I was not really sure about what I was getting into. Not that it excuses what happened that day or anything, but if I had known that the particular design, I wore would not be able to hold me while I was playing volleyball; then I would have tried wearing something else that day. But lesson learned and, with that knowledge, I was able to find another design that fit a lot better than the previous one did, and I have not had any similar since.

Now I am wearing micro swimsuits that fit my body a little better and keep everything exactly where it should be. I have found that the people around me on the beach seem to like it better this way as well. Although, I do still enjoy wearing that first design I bought around the house. I find that it can really spice things up in the bedroom if used at the right moment in time. I do believe I could live the rest of my life happily if I did not have to wear anything else, too. There is something about wearing a micro design that I honestly cannot imagine wearing any other type of clothing if that was something that could actually be an option in my life. I know it cannot be an option though, so I have to settle for wearing my micro swimsuits under my clothes while I am working. Fortunately, that seems to be enough.

Micro Swimsuits for Men

Micro Swimsuits

Oh what fun awaits the man who chooses micro swimsuits! This is especially true for men who want to show off their awesome bodies. There are two groups of men. Those who take care of their bodies and love showing it off is one group. The other group of men are essentially couch potatoes. While they may want to look like the god Adonis, they lack the motivation to actually get off their asses and do something that would benefit them. Now, going back to the first group of men, they have always taken care of their bodies because they wanted to look and feel sexy when at their favorite swimming venue. On the other hand, they might have just wanted to be healthy while looking hot.

The next group of men, the couch potatoes, have a lot of great intentions when it comes to getting their bodies into decent enough shape to wear micro swimsuits. The problem with these guys and their “I will start getting into shape tomorrow,” is that they never do. They just make plans to begin an exercise regimen along with a healthy diet, while not actually doing any of those things. It has not occurred to these guys that just thinking about it is not going to work. Many of these guys do decide to embark on a healthy diet and exercise regimen, though. Those are the men who will get the body they want and can feel very proud of themselves no matter where they happen to be wearing their micros.

Obviously, those guys who put forth the effort to get the body that will look amazing in micro swimsuits are going to get the most positive attention. The couch potatoes should never go to public places wearing micros of any sort. An obese man with severe belly fat should choose clothes that will hide this atrocity. On the other hand, he might want to consider starting a program that will at least get his body in shape  enough to wear swimsuits like micros. Why not give yourself an honest assessment and then decide if you need any help physically to wear whatever swimsuits you want?

Are you getting ready for micro swimsuits season?

Are you getting ready for micro swimsuits season?

I love wearing the world’s smallest men’s micro swimsuits. The more skin it shows the better, the outline of my little penis, great, the more ass the better.  I love seeing girls wearing the smallest swimsuits and the same goes for men. I like all bodies in tiny micro swimsuits but for myself I prefer to be in shape, completely shaved and ready to have a blast by having my body has toned as possible. The micro swimsuits I wear are truly tiny in fact if I were not completely hairless down there I could not wear my favorite suit since it starts right where the base of my shaft is and ends exactly at the end of my balls with everything else fully exposed. There used to be hair there but years ago I had it all laser treated so now there is so little left that I am bald all the time without shaving but before I hit the beach I clean up shaving just to make sure it is perfectly hairless so my tiny swimsuit is the star of the show. Wearing the smallest bikinis, thongs and G-strings is so much fun it is hard to put into words especially for men that have not tried wearing them yet. For most men wearing micro swimsuits just once is enough to get them hooked for life. Don’t try it unless you are ready to have a blast. If you are not sure what I am talking about let me paint you a picture. Think about all the women you see all having the beach wearing next to nothing and having the time of their lives. It is all about being free enough to enjoy going next to nude. In a perfect world all beaches would be nude beaches but since there is a way to go, a long way in some countries wearing micro swimwear designs is so close you might just feel like you are breaking the law. It’s fun on an entirely new level. It’s a pleasure you need to experience for yourself.